Hunger Games

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Katniss Everden

Katniss: During the Hunger Games I was thinking about prim a lot but glad

I volunteered,I had killed the boy from district 1 because he killed rue and both peeta and I killed foxface we had night lock berries and she ate them,teamed up with rue until she died, then later on I teamed with peeta, we helped each other, then we won the games.

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Peeta Malark

Peeta: During the hunger games I had started off by getting Katniss late to the cornucopia,then I ran off into the woods and was out of sight then I started to disguise myself to blend into the Rock, then Katniss had meet up with me after quite sometime then we help each other, Then we won the games

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District 11

District 11 is very laid back and easy going but you still have to work. In district 11 your job is to harvest crops and be a farmer. Rue loves to sing and is a very good big sister to her 5 other siblings. She also loves to climb. (211)

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District 12

District 12 is much more up tight about things and it's not the best living place. In district 12 there job is to mine coal. Katniss is a very efficient person because she puts her hair up in braid and gets right back into hunting or what every she's doing.

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The hob

The hob- black market that runs in an abandoned warehouse that was used to hold coal. Then there was a more efficient way to store coal. Also you can trade and sell idems at the hob.

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District 12 woods

District 12 woods- this is where Katniss and gale tend to hang out and hunt. This is beyond district 12. Your not suppost to go beyond the electrical fence but she has to too keep her family living.