EdTech Cadre Update

Keeping the Connected Educator Connected!

Volume 2

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." -Confucius

Did you dig in to anything new techie-wise in your classroom last week? Push any buttons? Investigate any new sites or platforms? Many of us grew up in an era where you tiptoed around tech. Cleaning a 33 1/3 was a tedious process at best, and if you didn't drop the needle just so on the record, the vinyl would be scratched. The internet is a bit more resilient than that. Don't be afraid to explore and to click on things. Instead adopt the mantra, "I wonder what this does..." You won't break the internet! I promise.

Keep an eye on our EdTech Cadre Digital badge group. Badges for Twitter, SAMR, and Padlet will be making an appearance soon!

What is SAMR?

SAMR is a framework created by Dr. Ruben Puentedura as a way to look at how instructional technology impacts teaching and learning. It is not a ladder to be climbed but a way of understanding how we are integrating technology in our instruction.

Click here for a short video explaining SAMR.

The amazing Sylvia Duckworth created the sketchnote below.

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Twitter Part 2

Last week I posted a bit about how Twitter can impact your practice as an educator. This week I would like to pass along some ideas around chats. Twitter chats are scheduled events where educators come together to discuss a particular topic. There are MANY different chats available for all manner of educational interests. To follow a Twitter chat you type the chat's hashtag into the search bar at the appointed time. Refresh the search bar periodically and watch the conversation emerge. Generally speaking chats are structured around 6 questions timed to come out to the participants at regular intervals. Participants answer each question in turn or comment on others' answers. Remember that there's nothing wrong with lurking awhile and getting a feel for how chats work! Sites like Tweetdeck make participating in a chat easier to follow.

Click here for a comprehensive list of chats available.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about Twitter for Educators. We can plan a Twitter Hour where I walk you through the basics after Spring Break!


A Padlet is a big old bulletin board you can share with your friends, your colleagues, or your students. It's a great resource when you are curating websites, ideas, or photos on a given topic. It's helpful when you are collaborating with others on a given topic. The snapshot below is of a Padlet our third grade teachers created as they collaborated around their work on opinion writing. Creating a padlet and posting to it is easy. The best part is, it is free!

Click here for a guide to creating a Padlet as well as some ideas for how to use yours in your classroom.

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What's Next?

As always I am an email away! I am happy to support you with these or other techie topics.

Is there something you would like to see highlighted in this newsletter? Let me know and I will write it up!

Next update will be headed your way after the break! Enjoy!