5 Tips to Spice Up Study Sessions!

Mix Things Up From Time to Time!

Tip #1: Visualize Information in Bizarre Ways!

When learning information about a boring subject, visualize in a ridiculous way. By doing this it will help further implant the information in your brain.

Tip #2: Change Your Study Environment!

You remember more information by studying in different rooms. Research has shown that students who study in different rooms did better on tests than those who study in the same room. So go ahead and change up where you study!

Tip #3: Hop on YouTube or TED.com!

Instead of constantly studying from your textbook, go online for 30 minutes or so and find some attention-grabbing videos by credible experts on your topic.

Tip #4: Teach a Friend (Or a Wall)!

Teaching someone else information on a topic is the best way to learn new information. A study has shown that when students were required to teach new information to others, they worked harder to learn the information.

Tip #5: Create a Little Golden Books on Your Subject!

Create a little golden book on your topic! In other words write down what you know about the topic in a way that even an 8 year old could understand it.