Building Pyramids


Pyramid Building

First The Egyptians built impressive pyramid. Egyptians built really big pyramids they use their hands to make big pyramids.

Egyptians built really big pyramids.The base of the great pyramid is 13.5 acres and that's the size of 10 football fields. The blocks weigh 70 tons and they were all built by hand. Pyramids have a unique shape. Their shape is a square and there's a triangle and it gets smaller as you get to the top of the pyramid.

Egyptians use their hands to make pyramids.They have no power drills. They float it down the river to get it where they need it. They also wedge it to move it. Egyptians use ramps to move the rock to where they want it.They move the stone from the quarry to the bottom of the base. The ramp is made out of rubble. Rubble is broken up pieces of rock. Egyptians made a lot of pyramids.

I think it's cool that how tall the pyramids are and how wide they are.

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