The Scoop from Room 204

Mrs. Black's Kinder Friends

We had such a wonderful time at Erwin's Orchards on Tuesday. We have learned a lot about apples this week! The kids taste tested red, yellow and green apples and then had to vote for their favorite. We then graphed and examined the results. We also made homemade applesauce-ask your child how they liked it! Next week we will be studying pumpkins and digging into one!

LIteracy Learning

I have just about finished all our literacy assessments and will be going over those with you at conferences next month. Next week I will begin working with the children in small shared and guided reading groups.

Our Writer's Workshop is going extremely well! We are working on thinking of an idea, something that has happened in their lives, then drawing the idea, trying to label and finally adding a sentence or two to describe it. Your child may like it if you set up at Writer's station for them at home-just some papers and different writing/coloring utensils and they are good to go! Remember to encourage them to S-T-R-E-T-C-H out their words instead of telling them how to spell everything.

The words we have worked on in reading and writing are:








Any extra practice writing or noticing these words in texts would help your child!


We have been exploring lots of math materials! We are working on subitizing which means looking at a picture and quickly knowing what the amount is. We have been using dice to get this going. Playing games with dice at home is an easy way to build your child's number sense. We have also been working on patterns, shapes, tally marks and counting. The kids love when it is time for math stations!