American Revolution

By: James

The Boston Tea Party Patriots

So when we had heard about the taxation on tea i was outraged I was most mad about the fact that we didn't get a say in it. So on the night of December 16, 1773 me being one of the few that was not imprisoned. We were sneaking on one of the ships called the Dartmouth and some other loyal patriots got on the other 2 ships. I was not alone of course. By the time the redcoats found out we dumped 342 crates into the Boston harbor I managed to escape but my fellow patriots couldn't. This taxation was a horrible idea.I think they are just greedy. So please if you are a true fellow patriot help us stop this madness.

Boston Tea Party Loyalists

DARN PATRIOTS!!!! Throwing 342 of our crates of tea into the Boston harbor. Who do they think they are. I wish we could have stopped them sooner but we were able to capture all of them except one. They did it on the night of December 16, 1773. So much labor and hours of picking the herbs to make the tea wasted gone. They even went so far as to dress up as Indians and try and trick us but they were wrong. So please help the loyalists to tax the tea.
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Declaration of Independence

During the revolutionary war in mid June 1776 a five man committee including very important people like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin were given the task to draft a formal statement of the colonies intentions. The congress formally adopted the declaration of independence. It was hand written by Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia. It was finished on the 4th of July this is why we celebrate independence day. on of the most important part of the declaration of independence in this quote "All men are equal. And all men have the right ti life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Q: Do you know what taxation is

A: Yes it is when a government of some sort makes people pay taxes for something

Q: How much are taxes

A: They are all taxed differently by the government depending on what it is

Q: Who pays taxes

A: Anyone who buys something

Q: Do you know why the Boston tea party happened

A: Yes the loyalists put a tax on tea and they were mad

Q: Did you learn about taxation

A: Yes i did