Inventory Overview

An overview of our basic procedures for GCCISD Inventory

Room Inventory Worksheets

Room inventory worksheets should be printed and given to your teachers at the beginning and end of the school year.

If your campus will be having summer school sessions it is recommended that an inventory worksheet be completed by the teacher before and after summer school to verify that all equipment is accounted for, any equipment that goes missing during the summer school session the campus will be responsible.

Refer to the link for room inventory worksheet instructions.


Campuses will be responsible for doing their own room to room transfers. Refer to the link for room to room transfer instructions

Site to site transfers should be completed by your campus technician. If you need something moved from one site to another, please submit a work order for your campus technician.

If you need a piece of equipment removed from your campus, you will need to submit a work order to your campus technician.

TMS Inventory Audits

TMS will conduct two audits during the school year. These will be conducted by campus technicans. We will randomly select a few rooms at your campus and verify that all equipment in that room is documented in inventory.

Staff/Student Technology Equipment Assignment

Any technology equipment that is purchased for an staff/student should be assigned to the staff/student in TipWeb. If you are not sure how to assign something to staff/student, please refer to the link for details.

Creating New Rooms

Contact your campus technician to have a new room created for your campus in TipWeb.

Asset Tags

If the original asset tag is removed from a piece of equipment and you need to replace it. Please make the changes to the original tag number. Do not create a new item in TipWeb. If you are not sure how to make this correction in TipWeb please contact your campus technician before making any changes.

Technology Catalog

To add equipment to the catalog the item must be over $300. If you need an item added to the catalog, please submit a work order to Brandi Ray.