Pursue What's Pure


What are you pursuing?

I love this time of year! It's my birthday month, the fall weather is my favorite and best of all - IT'S doTERRA CONVENTION TIME OF YEAR.

I never thought of myself as a science geek, but once I attended my first convention - that is exactly what I became.

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The only way for you to truly have the best of your membership in my opinion, is to attend convention. This year it's virtual and I find it's awesome, I still get emotional at times, when I see the changes we are making around the world.

So let's get on with the roll out.

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What we do is what we believe. We believe that every body has the power to heal itself, given the right tools. We help burnt out execs, hard working people in the trades live a life with more vitality, better health and lead a purposeful life with time and financial freedom.