Robert E. Lee

Born: January 19, 1807 in Strafford, Virginia

A leader with passion, heart, faith, and courage. A leader who is fearless and not afraid to take lead and fight and protect his country. He was a hero, to fight for our nation that we live in today. Being a leader is all about respect, trust, and reliability. Robert E. Lee had a belief and that was to protect his state and remain loyal to Virginia.

What did he do? And why is he important?

Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general in the time of the American Civil War. Lee was also known as the son of a Revolutionary War hero, Henry "Lighthorse" Lee. His father was a Major General in the Continental Army and had been the 9th Governor of Virginia. He noticed for his battle field tactician.

What religion was he and what political party did he belong to?

Robert E. Lee was a Christian but was not intentionally in church until the age of 46. Although he did pray before each battle with his soldiers. After the war, he thought it was his duty to bring any non-believers to the belief of god. Robert E. Lee was a democrat..

What colony did he represent?

He represented the US American army. He fought for Virginia against the Mexican army. His colony meant everything to him. Its was what he fought for. Even if it means his life.

Robert E Lees Quotes

“I tremble for my country when I hear of confidence expressed in me. I know too well my weakness, that our only hope is in God.”

“The education of a man is never completed until he dies.”

“The devil's name is dullness.”

“Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one.”

“I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.”

“I like whiskey. I always did, and that is why I never drink it.”

“Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character.”

“I have been up to see the Congress and they do not seem to be able to do anything except to eat peanuts and chew tobacco, while my army is starving.”

“We failed, but in the good providence of God apparent failure often proves a blessing.”

“My chief concern is to try to be an humble, earnest Christian.”