Weekly Update

January 7, 2019

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Alpha Homeroom

We will start Monday morning with an alpha homeroom. Here is the link to our alpha homerooms . Students will get their second semester schedule and proceed to first period class.

Changes to Policy Regarding Vaping

We have seen a large increase in the number of students that have been caught vaping at school. This concerns us on multiple levels: student health, violation of state law, and violation of school policy. We are trying to curb this behavior and continue to educate our students about the health risk related to this behavior. Please talk to your son or daughter about this issue.

As we move into the second semester, students caught in possession of or using vapes will be suspended for three days and receive a ticket from Officer Chris. We are also going to address the issue of multiple students being in the same bathroom stall either using or trading vape paraphernalia. The restroom stalls are meant for one person only. If more than one student is using a stall, we are going to make the assumption it is not for any productive reason and give them a consequence for not following school rules. This will likely result in a suspension.

Vaping Information for Parents

Because vaping is a relatively new concern for parents, we'd like to share some information about e-cigarettes and vaping:

College Credit Plus Textbooks

If your child is a college credit plus student, they need to return their college textbooks to the media center. The district paid for the books and would like to loan them to other students to use in the future. Any textbooks not returned will be billed to the student. Thank you in advance for your help in getting these books back. This includes students who took coursework during the summer term.

Highlighting Success at SHS

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Students Recognized in Scholastic Art Competition

Strongsville High School is proud to recognize three art students who received recognition in the Scholastic Art & Writing competition. Each year the Cleveland Institute of Art hosts the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition that recognizes creative achievement in area 7-12 grade students. Olivia Clotworthy (12th), Alaina Keirn- Swanson (10th) and Isabella Noce (10th) earned Honorable Mentions for their Digital Artwork. Congratulations ladies on this accomplishment.

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" by Olivia Clotworthy

"A Waste of Time" by Alaina Keirn- Swanson

"Wasting Time" Isabella Noce

The Full Schedule

Here is a link to our athletic and school calendars for all of our events scheduled for the week of January 7.