Vietnam war

What the Vietnam war was about


The society was against the Vietnam war because they felt like it should not have happened again society was fighting against the government to stop sending troops

Resources / Alliances

Some resources the north had was that they controlled all the money so they had extra funding and another resources was that china and Russia was trying to help fight with them one resources the south had was that they where funded and helped buy the us

Arms /Army

The US used the M1 Carbine ,L1A1 self loading rifle,M16 ans so did there allies

North used a lot of american , Japanese and french weapons such a the k50-m ,ppsh-41

homemade RPGs and a lot of carbine rifles both sides had naval forces and the north used traditional warfare and the south used gorilla warfare

A map of the Vietnam war

Here is a map of the Vietnam war and where they fought and the way the land was shape

Issues / precursor events

One issue before the Vietnam war was the first Indonesia war that sparked the Vietnam war. another issue was that after world war 1 the french had a colony in Vietnam that the Japanese was holding and when japan left the french wanted there colony but Vietnam would not let them have it because they said Vietnam could not be apart of there government so France forced there way into Vietnam and sparked the first Indonesian war

The arts

These picture helped people express there feeling s of the Vietnam war and show what it was like i feel like these people wanted to show what was going on with out all the blood paintings help people deal with feelings buy showing people are also going threw the same thing .

Another map of Vietnam

This is a topographical map of Vietnam

2 of the leaders in the Vietnam war north and south

One leader was ho chi mhin he worked for the north and supported Communism he worked for the north and he had 1 sister and 2 brothers

Another leader for the south was Nguyen van thieu he was a committee chairman that publicly blamed the us for not falling with the south