Career Center Updates for Seniors

Issue 1 - August 28, 2020

Dear Class of 2021:

Welcome to an exciting senior year! Woo hoo! We are excited to help you swim through these unprecedented waters and we can't wait to meet with you one-on-one. We are currently receiving updates from colleges about deadlines and admission requirements and we will share updates via this weekly newsletter.

Sierra Teseo

Last Names A-I

Rae Peppley

Last Names J-Z

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Information is sent via text message regarding updates, scholarships, deadlines, financial aid, and so much more!

Last Names A-E: text "@RM2021A-E" to 81010

Last Names F-L: text "@RM2021F-L" to 81010

Last Names M-R: text "@RM2021M-R" to 81010

Last Names S-Z: text "@RM2021S-Z" to 81010

National Virtual College Fairs

Many colleges will not be able to send college admission representatives to Rocky this year. Below are three great opportunities that will help you explore colleges:

  • Exploring College Options - October 30 through December 6. A 90-minute webinar to help you explore college options and prepare for your application(s). This partnership brings together admissions representatives from Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University.
  • Coast to Coast Virtual College Fair - September 8th. This partnership brings together admissions reps from Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, Princeton University, the University of California-Berkley, and Vanderbilt University.
  • National Virtual College Fairs - September 13th - November 8th. Several opportunities to explore colleges in Idaho, outside of Idaho, and outside of the United States. Example of participating universities HERE.

Explore Idaho Colleges and Universities

Apply Idaho

10 Idaho Colleges and Universities. One Application.

Apply Idaho is Idaho's free online application. This application allows seniors to apply to Idaho's colleges using one easy application.

September 15:

  • Log in to Next Steps Idaho and create an account using your EDUID number and PERSONAL email (not West Ada email address).
  • View your Direction Admissions Letter. This letter will tell you which Idaho colleges and universities you have met the requirements for and should consider applying to.
  • Go to Next Steps College Directory to research Idaho schools.

October 1-June 30:

  • Log back into Next Steps Idaho and complete your Apply Idaho application*

*BYU-I has its own application here:


Remember this cool program?? Explore careers, explore colleges, compare colleges side-by-side, search for majors, and send high school transcripts!

Accessing Naviance from home:

  1. Go to > parents/students > educational apps
  2. Click clever
  3. Click login with active directory
  4. Log in with West Ada user name and password
  5. Click Naviance


Many colleges will NOT be requiring the SAT or ACT this year for admission purposes. However, some MAY require an exam for scholarships. Please check the requirements of the college(s) you are applying to.

All of Idaho's colleges and universities are waiving the requirement. Almost all are also waiving the requirement for merit scholarships. BSU is currently the only school in Idaho requiring the SAT or ACT for scholarship purposes. BYU-I would like to see a score for course placement purposes, but again, this is not a requirement.

The state is currently planning on providing the SAT for all seniors on October 14. This is a school day and the test will be free of charge. Please know that the test is subject to change, depending on status changes from the CDH.

Based on the uncertainty of the October 14th school-day exam, many of you are wondering if you should take one (or both) of the exams on your own. Our advice is to check your college(s) requirements, both admission and scholarship, first to determine if it is required. If it isn't, taking the test can be beneficial because it can help the college know where to place you in math and English courses. It may also set you apart from peers on scholarship applications.

Both the ACT and SAT are offering weekend testing this fall. If you choose to sign up for an exam, the cost is approximately $50-$55 and Fast Forward funds cannot be used to cover the cost. More information on the exams, including date, location, and registration can be found here:




FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application determines whether you qualify for federal grants, work-study, and/or loans. In addition, many colleges use your FAFSA information to determine your eligibility for scholarships.

The application opens on October 1st. DO NOT start the application before that date because it will be the wrong one! We will provide more information about this application in September.


Our military partners will continue to visit RMHS this year. A detailed schedule of their visits will be shared when it's available. In the meantime, feel free to contact the recruiters assigned to Rocky with any questions you may have.

** Army ROTC Scholarship application

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 9am

RMHS Library

Rocky will host the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery on September 29th. Those interested in taking this free exam may sign up using this link.
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Scholarship Search Tips

  • Look for scholarships listed on your college's financial aid page. Apply by the institution's deadline.
  • Apply for scholarships offered by the State of Idaho. State Board of Education: (opening this fall)
  • Check out the list of scholarships on Next Steps Idaho
  • If you are going out of state, apply for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE):
  • Use scholarship search engines to help you find national scholarships: Scholarship databases and 59 Free Scholarship Search Engines
  • Try Study Soup. Most scholarships listed here take approximately 10 minutes to complete!! Study Soup
  • Ask your parents or grandparents if they are members of Rotary, Lions Club, or Kiwanis. These clubs often offer scholarships for members children.
  • Do you have a job? Ask your employer if the company offers a scholarship.
  • Check Idaho Community Foundation. It has over 60 scholarships, each with its own criteria and application.
  • Check out the private scholarships earned by Rocky graduates (see button below)
  • Be aware of scholarship scams. You should not be charged a fee. Also, watch for wording such as finalist letter or scholarship guarantee.
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