Welcome to LITR320: World Lit

Welcome to Class

Hi All!
Welcome to LITR320. My name is Greg Flowers and I'm your instructor for the next 7.5 Weeks.

I'm really excited to be working with you and this is my favorite class to teach. I love, love, LOVE literature and I hope my enjoyment will make some of you into literature fans as well.

Per our college catalog, in this comprehensive survey course, you will explore and analyze select themes in modern literature by comparing and contrasting approaches from Western and non-Western novels, short stories, and essays. Major literary figures will be covered as well as connections between literature and culture.

Please check out...

the following items and review them carefully.
  • Meet Your Instructor: I've posted information about my office hours and how you can contact me.
  • Supplemental Syllabus: Please review this document carefully as it will help you identify classroom policies and expectations.
  • Tracking Calendar: The tracking calendar outlines all the assignments for the class, the weekly readings, and the due dates. Please keep an eye on this because once you fall behind, it's hard to catch up

What's due this week?

This week you have the following items to complete:
  • Introductory Folder Quiz
  • Ungraded Course Diagnostic
  • Icebreaker Discussion

Please make sure you review the course documents before, and while, taking the Introductory Folder quiz. It's an easy way to earn 100 points.

Here's a little something to get you started...

The Importance of Literature