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Back-to-School 2020-2021

ICYMI: STAAR is still on, but SSI isn't

Because of the anticipated need for students and teachers to play catch-up following the spring 2020 closures, TEA has temporarily waived the requirement that 5th and 8th graders must pass Reading and Math STAAR exams to promote to the next grade level. The State has NOT waived STAAR tests entirely, but these grade levels will now only have one administration in the spring rather than multiple opportunities to pass. Read the full To The Administrator Addressed letter on TEA's site.

As of today, the TEA plans to still roll STAAR testing with wider windows of time for administration.

Attendance Matters

TEA is collecting attendance information this year by instructional setting. Only the students physically in-person on campus should be marked "Present." Even if they are live-streaming in real-time with you, students who work from home are "Remote Present."

Please help us keep our audit risk low by choosing the correct code when students engage in coursework.

Have you heard about Clever?

The Clever portal is up and running!

This service provides a single sign-on for many of the instructional products we have purchased. A few vendors still require a separate login, but Clever allows for one sign-on that links to products including ARC, College Board, Brain Pop, Imagine Math, Education Galaxy, and other products.

Teacher login credentials are email address and ID number (with leading zeros if necessary to make 6 digits). Staff can find a link on the Staff page of the website, and students can also log in from the Student Logins and Resources page.

Clever Instant Login

It's Official- the BCISD Remote Instruction Plan

TEA requires all districts that provide asynchronous remote instruction to formulate a written plan, which will be "graded" according to a rubric. Districts need to receive 70% of the possible points on the rubric to have the plan approved, and therefore to receive funding and be able to credit students with remote attendance.

On August 31st, the BCISD Board of Trustees approved for the BCISD Asynchronous Remote Instruction Plan to be submitted to TEA. We will now wait for news of any revisions required or recommended by State reviewers.

Don't Forget Your Compliance Trainings

Although the deadline has been extended for another month, the compliance trainings on EduHero still must be completed by Oct 5th. Log in and click on "View Plan" just under the main scrolling pictures to see the courses assigned to your role and campus.

Remote families can begin requesting in-person for the 2nd six weeks

Through September 11th, families of BCISD remote learners can request to return to an in-person schedule for the second grading period, which begins September 28th. By requesting this change in advance, campuses can begin to prepare schedules and physical spaces to receive students. The request form for the second six-weeks will close at 4:00 p.m., September 11, 2020. After that time, remote learners will remain in the remote setting until at least November 2, 2020. The request form is linked here: Request to Change from Remote to In-Person Instruction

Be careful with politics in school

Free speech is a hallmark right of every American. We are free to speak our minds without fear of imprisonment, although we have to remember that we are not necessarily free from the consequences that happen when we share our viewpoints. The 2020 political scene is already highly-charged. Conflicting viewpoints abound on the handling of the pandemic, racial discord, and the upcoming election season. As a teacher, remember that your words are especially powerful because you work with children in their formative years. You have the power to build them up into sharp critical thinkers, full of compassion for others, able to discuss an opposing viewpoint with others respectfully. You also have the power to model cynicism, inflammatory speech, and you can risk overstepping the political bounds of a public school employee. Just recently, a team of teachers in another district raised concern with their choice of a political cartoon used in class. Unfortunately, someone in this example could lose their job or face corrective actions. Decisions like these can be major distractions from all the good things that a teacher did the rest of the year. Don't' let that be you! Keep your political views your own when you are working in the role of teacher, and be cautious about allowing healthy classroom discourse to turn into a destructive or intimidating experience.

ICE funds are available again for the 20-21 school year

If you haven't yet spent your $50 Instructional Classroom Enhancement (ICE) funds for 2020-2021, your campus secretary can assist you with your request beginning Sept 1st.
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