By: maddie trent, Isabelle phipps

The captail

The captail city name is luxembourg city, because that is the captail names.

The natural resources

The naturel resources that they use in luxembourg is arable land it is a land that is a farming land that they can use, for things in there country.

genral facts about Luxembourg

Some general facts about Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a lot of products

The flag colors are red,blue,white there colors are the same as are country.

There population is 531,441(2012) that is a big number to have as a population because there are a lot ofcountry's that dont have a big population.

Interstring place to vist in Luxembourg

The intersting place that i would pick is notre dame cathedral,because i think that it would be a great place to vist, and to learn about it. There might be really good things to learn about and see at notre dame cathedral. i and my partner, would wont to go vist the place, because we can go explore things and, learn new things that we might know about the place. i think that these would be a great place to go vist.

Picture of Luxembourg

The website that we got the picture off of is