Bearcat Brief

March 1, 2019

Notes from Niki

I am getting this out a little early because I'm sure tomorrow is going to be busy and fun.

  • The final date to get POs in for the current year budget will be March 15, so if there is something that you need for this year, please let me know.
  • Today was so crazy, and I didn't really prepare you for Allie to give her class a recess. We will do an afternoon schedule next Tuesday and do an extra recess for 7th and 8th grade at 2:45.
  • The Principal of the Day has been a very popular item- there are two more girls ready to purchase and several others close to being able to get it. One idea would be to limit it to 5 total available for the year (or some other number). Do we need to do that now? Just change their ability to offer a recess/free time? I'm glad they are working for it, but don't want to end up losing too much class time. Let me know what your ideas are. The PBIS Leadership Committee will talk about it as well.
  • BINGO Clarification- this game is a cooperative game, not a competitive one. To "mark off" a spot, all five signature lines should be filled by 5 different people who have completed the task. Once 5 spots in a row, column, or diagonal have been "marked off" then the staff has achieved a BINGO.

Read-In Day

Next Friday, March 8, is Missouri Read-In Day. We have guests scheduled to read to classes and then join me, along with some others, to provide input on our Vision. We will do a similar process to what we did at our faculty meeting on 2/11.

Please make sure to use this link to sign up for where you will be during lunch on that day. Monday, anyone who isn't signed up we will fill in for something.

I will be ordering box lunches for everyone to eat on Friday; in years past, it has been hard for us all to get to lunch. Please fill out this form to order your lunch.

Lastly, you can find the day's schedule below.

Schedule for Read-In Day

1st Period: 8-8:54 (full period to allow for advisory and speakers)

2nd Period: 8:58- 9:34

3rd Period: 9:38-10:14

4th Period: 10:18-10:56

11:00-12:30 -- Assembly (Will include SOM) / Lunch / Workshops

5th Period: 12:35- 1:16

6th Period: 1:20- 2:01

Go to 7th Period Class for School-Wide Silent Sustained Reading- 2:05- 2:35

7th Period: 2:35-3:15

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Big picture

Upcoming Events


March 1- 3rd Quarter PBIS Incentive Day

March 1- FIA Dance, 7:00 (Katie supervising- Thank You)

March 4- Niki out in the a.m.

March 4- 8- National School Social Work Week

March 4-8 National School Breakfast Week

March 4- 7th and 8th Grade Girls' Volleyball @ Pacific, 5:30

March 5- P-LC Leadership Team Meeting, 3:15 in the Library

March 5- Choir Concert, 7:00 p.m.

March 6- Wonderful Wednesday, CMMA Day

March 8- Read-In Day

March 8- 15- HMS Scholastic Book Fair

March 11- PD Day

March 12- 7th and 8th Grade Girls' Volleyball @ St. James, 5:30

March 13- Wonderful Wednesday, CMMA Day

March 13- Band Concert, 7:00 p.m.

March 14- End of 3rd Quarter

March 14- 7th and 8th Grade Girls' Volleyball vs. Bland, 5:30

March 14- School Board Meeting, 6:00

March 15- Quarter 3 Grades Due, 3:30