The Village Bluebird

May 2020

Greetings Families

Dear VES Families,

We hope that you and your loved ones continue to be safe and well during this period of social distancing. We appreciate your support and positive feedback from the outset of our Distance Learning Plan and especially as teachers and students have begun to hold virtual sessions with Google Meet! They are enjoying the opportunity to reconnect and engage in a number of social and emotional development activities, morning meetings, read alouds and other experiences they would typically enjoy in class. Please note that photographing and videotaping Google Meet sessions are not permitted.

I am so proud of our teachers, staff and administrative team for their daily dedication to distance learning research, planning and lesson delivery. They have demonstrated resilience, creativity and positivity while rolling out new curriculum, new learning resources and technology innovation. Our team continues to work hard each day to support students and families and are available to assist you further in any way we can.

As our year winds down, we are still hopeful that we will be able to see all Villagers again before the school year comes to a close. We are eagerly awaiting an update from Governor Murphy in mid- May about whether schools can reopen. Please know how keenly aware we are that it takes a Village to thrive in times as challenging as these. We are grateful to you for your part in making this experience as smooth as possible given the circumstances.

In the meantime, please review this issue for current updates. We are also proceeding with some of our end-of -year planning and preparations for the 2020-2021 school year. Placement and other important information can be found below and some are time sensitive.

Enjoy the month of May! We miss you and hope to see you soon!

Ms. Lacy

A Note From the VES Counselors

Dear Parents,

Please remember to visit the Counselors' Distance Learning Site for information and supportive resources that will be helpful to you and your family during this challenging time.

We would like to take a moment to check-in and see how everyone is doing. This is a stressful time for both adults and children and we would like to hear from you so we can better address and target the needs you are noticing in your families. To help us assist you further, please share your input using this link if you haven't done so already: VES School Counselor Check-In

Thank you,

Mrs. Fornal, Third Grade Counselor

Mrs. Schantz, Fourth Grade Counselor

New Google Meet Sessions for Current 4th Grade Band and Orchestra Students

Dear Parents of Band and Orchestra Students,

By now, you should have received an email from one of us regarding ways we will be using Google Meets to enhance online learning through face-to-face interactions. Please read our email carefully for details about an initial informational meeting and ways to sign up for the sessions that will follow.

Ms. Housten and Dr. Goldman

Google Meet Tutorial with Mr. Dolan

If you are still in need of support with helping your child use Google Meet, here is Mr. Dolan's tutorial again for your convenience. Google Meet Tutorial. Remember all of our Digital Citizenship expectations apply during these sessions. In addition, please note that photographing and videotaping Google Meet sessions are not permitted.

Teacher Appreciation Week - Grateful for Our Team

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8. Our PTA will be celebrating teachers in June with more details to come!

Our VES teachers and staff are truly the best! They are kind, gracious, creative, innovative and leaders in the art of teaching and inspiring young minds! We could not have asked for a better team of educators. Montgomery is fortunate to have them! Please let them know how special they are and how grateful we are for all they do!

National School Nurse Day is May 6th!

Round of applause for our VES nurses, Mrs. Cizin and Mrs. Woodard. Thank you for keeping us healthy and strong!

Enjoy these warm wishes from our district nurses who are thinking about you every day!

VES Yearbook

The yearbook sale ends on May 15th. Please use this link to place your order to guarantee your student’s copy today. Price is $25 per yearbook. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Dowling (

Update on May Activities

If we are able to return to school later in May or June our focus will be on reestablishing our classroom and school communities, wrapping up our instruction, and planning for the end of the school year. As a result, the following May events are canceled. Trip refund information will be available at a later date.

  • 4th Grade Old Barracks Museum Trips
  • 3rd Grade Stony Brook Watershed Trips
  • 3rd Grade Music Concerts
  • Third and Fifth Grade Student and Parent Orientations. We will be in touch about alternative plans for these events as noted below.

During this time of year our 2nd graders typically enjoy a "move-up day" visit to VES and our 4th graders do the same at LMS. We will begin making decisions about these events once our governor gives an update on the reopening of schools in mid-May. Should a reopening be further delayed we are hopeful these transition experiences will take place for our students and parents either through a virtual experience or during late summer school events.

The VES Placement Process

As the end of the year approaches, plans for classroom placements are being made. Ms. Lacy and Mrs. Camuto work closely with teachers, supervisors, and guidance counselors to place current 3rd and 4th graders. OHES administrators, Mrs. Scotti and Mr. VanHise, place current 2nd graders into 3rd grade with our assistance. Ms. Lacy and Mrs. Camuto will place all 4th graders into 5th grade with assistance from Lower Middle School administrators, Mr. Richards and Mrs. Kichura.

All students will be placed in heterogeneous classes with the best possible teacher match, and a positive group of classmates. Any specific academic needs, as identified by classroom teachers, will be taken into consideration first. We cannot honor requests for specific teachers, and requests for specific students can present a challenge. However, we will consider input regarding special circumstances or information the school does not already have. Pertinent information shared in previous years must be resubmitted via email and received by May 15th for 4th to 5th grade placements and June 12th for 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th grade placements.

Please trust us to make the best placement possible for all children. It is important to us that students have successful academic and developmentally appropriate experiences in school with talented and caring teachers. Final placement information will be available in August.

A Note from The Mary Jacobs Library

During this time of year, The Mary Jacobs Library visits VES to share information about their summer offerings for children. While the local public libraries remain closed, the Mary Jacobs library staff want you to know that they are still open through virtual platforms. They are still answering questions, hosting programs and lending books. Below are some links to help get you started with some of their virtual resources:

Library Card Sign-Up

Virtual Programs

SCLSNJ Databases


You may also visit their events page for fun programming.