Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of April 4th

And the winners are!!!!

Congratulations to the following students for completing our March Literacy Madness contests:

Our Fluency Folder Winners for March:

These students filled in their folders every week in March and turned them in ON TIME! They will have a special lunch with me next week.

Brody, Marcus, Jeremy, Yesmeen, Niranjan

Our AR quiz winners for March:

These students took and passed at least 1 AR quiz in March. They will be able to choose one prize from the prize bucket in class.

Niranjan, Ariana, Phoenix, Sophia, Tryniti, Jeremy, Ebony, Cruz, Michael, Aman, Isaac, Andrew, Briana, Suad, Alek, Yesmeen, Jaysen, Marcus

Our Reading Express winners for March:

These students completed all of the assignments given for March. They will be able to choose one prize from the prize bucket in class.

Jaysen, Yesmeen, Aman, Jeremy

And, last but not least, because Yesmeen and Jeremy completed all contests, they can choose one book for free from our April Scholastic book order (up to $5)!

Awesome job guys!!

Things to remember...

Please do not bring candy (including gum) or toys to school! If I have to collect these items during class time I will not be returning them until the end of the year!!

This week we will learn...


Journeys, Unit 6, Lesson 27

Spelling Words- hard, fast, slow, sooner, harder, faster, slower, shorter, hardest, fastest, slowest, shortest

Bonus Words- always, happy, once, different, high


Go Math, Unit 9, Money


STEMScopes unit, Animal Life Cycles


Studies Weekly, Week 26, Money and Trade

Enjoy your weekend!!