Do Super Heroes Effect Children

By: Daxton Davidson

Super Heroes go Dark

The hyper masculinity of the super heroes character causes children to be come tougher and more serious. Research tells us that play is a major vehicle in development. Through play, children test the waters, try out roles and behaviors, investigate right and wrong, experiment with language, use creativity, find outlets for physical activity, and learn more about difficult skills like impulse control and conflict resolution

Data sets on the multiple levels of super heroes on children

Explanation of the charts

The charts represent three different sets of kids and their responses to certain stimuli. The kids were categorized by the different amounts of super heroes they were shown, and the results were shown as aggressive or passive. There is a clear trend in that the more super heroes the increase in aggression. They turn to fighting first as the solution and this shows there is more aggression in kids. There are however more kids that result in less physical aggression and work on talking it out first.


  • Help children understand more about “the good guys” and “the bad guys.”

  • Recognize the difference between typical action-oriented play and aggression.

  • Understand how best to deal with play that crosses the line to aggression.

  • Encourage preschoolers to practice heroism and conflict resolution.


Through play, children learn how to get along in the real world in a positive way. Through teachable moments and deliberate discussion, adults can help children understand the power of real heroism. The first steps in creating the heroes of tomorrow are to help preschoolers today believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference. They can begin this process in play.
Super Heroes: How they've changed & how they're affecting children
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Daxton Davidson

Mrs. Neal

English IV AP

26 May 2016

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