The Truth About Garment Industries

By Dylon and Camille


Do you know what working conditions are truly like? Working conditions are unsafe, unhealthy, and unfair. Thousands of people have to go through these harsh conditions.

Working Conditions in the Garment Industry

  • Many adults face immense pressures in the garment industries.
  • Sweatshops have unfair and unsafe working conditions.
  • Workers in Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, and China are living in poverty even though they have paid jobs.
  • About 50% of New York City's garment factories don't pay the workers enough.
  • Teens have to work through toxic chemicals.
  • Workers are organizing protests for unfair working conditions.

Take Action and Make A Change

Working conditions in the garment industry are improving step by step. Here is what you can do to help, keep researching and learn more about the garment industry then post your findings or write a letter to the company saying that things are not fine and you need to take action. We buy clothes from these types of factories, so we all have say in improving them.

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