Samurai & Bushido

Michelle Schocke


the Samurais (those who serve) were warriors. these warriors fought on horseback. They wore helmet and armor. They also carried a sword and a bow. like knights, the samurais followed the "warriors code."


This was the warriors code that the Samurais followed. The way of the warrior, Is what Bushido meant.

What effect each system had on Japanese culture during their specific time period?

magine you are a samurai living in Japan during the 14th century. Explain why you became a samurai and describe your duties.

Diary entry

I became a samurai because my father was one himself. I think it is a harsh life. I am being told when, how, to what extent, I'm told everything. Seems like I have no mind of my own. Its hard not doing things the way I want them. People rely on me to protect them. So much responsibility in one job.. But, I guess that is okay.