Innuitian Mountains

By: Tanzeela, Fatema and Harkirat

Our goal for the following presentation is that everyone watching will gain knowledge on this topic on the Innuition Mountains, one of the three sets of mountains that surrounds Canada.

Physical Description of Innuition Mountains

The Innuitian mountains are located in the northern part of Canada. The closest major city near the Innuitian Mountains is Iqaluit. Due to extremely cold weather in the Innuitian mountains, this causes the area to have no vegetation or trees. Trees or any other forms of life cannot be grown because they cannot survive the extremely cold winters, or survive short livid summers. Massive areas in the mountains are covered with permanent snow, also known as permafrost. The innuitian region is surrounded by the Arctic ocean as there are many water ways located nearby, such as the Perry Channel and Baffin Bay. They are up to 2,600 meters high with steep valleys.The region is mostly vast, barren expanses of permanent snow and ice.
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The Innuitian Mountains are located in Canada's Arctic territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. They are part of the Arctic Cordillera and are hardly explored, due to the cold climate. It is located north of Arctic tree line.

Some of the major cities it includes are:

  • Pond Inlet - Located in the north
  • Clyde River - Located in the Baffin Islands
  • Broughton Island - The biggest Island
  • Grise Fiord- most northern civilian town in North Amercia
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Geologic Age

The Innuitian Mountains were formed in the middle of the Mesozoic era, (245-66 million years ago), When the North American Plate moved north causing the mountains to form.

Rock Types and Minerals

The Innuition Mountains contain igneous and metaphoric rocks but they are mainly composed of sedimentary rock. They are younger than the Appalaichain's, and the erosion has not yet rounded them significantly. The Innuitian Mountains resemble the Appalachian Mountains in composition and contain similar types of minerals. The Innuitian Mountains are mainly composed of Granite mountains that are high in Iron, Zinc and Cobalt. The area also is high in Natural gas, poor coal and some petrol.

How the Landform Region was Formed?

The Innuition Mountains formed during the Mesozoic Era when the North American Plate moved northward causing it to create mountain ranges. These mountain ranges reaches the height of 8,202 ft or 2,500 meters high. The highest point is Barbeau Peak at 8,583 ft (2,616 m)These mountains were formed in the far north part of Canada including Ellesmere island.

Land Use

The Innuitian Mountains are mainly composed of granite mountains have many metallic mineral resources such as




The area is also high in natural gas, poor coal and some petrol, but due to harsh climates and the cost of mining so far up north the expenses and the cost are very expensive.

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