Lake Elementary School News

Weekly Update for October 11th

Playground Changes

Since the beginning of the school year, we have maintained stable groups on the playground. Students were only allowed to play with friends in their own class. Starting Monday, October 11, 2021, we will start allowing students to play on the playground in mixed groups. This means that students may be mixed with students outside their own class. Masks will remain optional on the playground since it is an outdoor space. Students will still be required to eat with members of their own classroom. Should we have a positive COVID case, we will conduct the necessary contact tracing during the playground time.


We will have a costume parade on Friday, October 29, 2021 at 8:15AM. If they would like, please send your student to school in their costume and a change of clothes if their costume will be uncomfortable to wear all day. Our parade will be held outdoors and classes will be socially distanced. If you do not want your child to participate, please let your classroom teacher know. We will provide an alternate activity in the library. Unfortunately, no parents will be allowed on campus for this event.

Note: no costume face masks, no blood or gore, nothing innappropriate or that goes against regular school guidelines. Administration retains the right to ask your child to change out of their costume if we deem it inappropriate for school.

La La La Lake- A Musical Moment with Mrs. Corso

WE ARE EXCITED FOR DOLPHTONES TO BE IN PERSON THIS YEAR!!! Dolphtones is for Lake students in 3rd-5th grade that would like to sing in choir and will meet 1x/ week, either WEDNESDAYS OR THURSDAYS, after school until 3:00 in Rose Hall, starting October 20 & 21 and continuing throughout the school year. Dolphtones is a commitment! We will perform at various outdoor school assemblies and outdoor Spring concerts at Lake as well across Vista Unified School District, including the VUSD Festival of the Arts in Downtown Vista. Our Covid mitigations are aligned with CDPH and include masks, social distancing, grouping kids by classroom teacher, and providing continuous air flow during rehearsals in Rose Hall. With current CDPH guidelines our maximum capacity for choral students in Rose Hall is 45 students. This means that Registration is 1st COME, 1st Serve!

IF YOUR CHILD IS INTERESTED IN DOLPHTONES, MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND SET AN ALARM ON YOUR PHONE FOR THIS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13TH AT 5PM. The signup link will be sent out to families at 5pm and you will want to enroll your student as soon as possible as space is limited. The signup link will also be available on the LAKE WEBSITE at 5pm, too.

You will receive an email from Mrs. Corso notifying you that your child has a reserved spot in Dolphtones for EITHER WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY OR if your child is placed on a waitlist.

Please email Mrs. Corso with any questions:

Covid-19 Weekly Reporting at Lake Elementary School

In order to keep our families informed on Covid-19 cases in our school, we will be utilizing the following procedures:

  • All families will be notified weekly of our Covid-19 cases in this section of the Lake School News.

  • If your student is identified as a "close contact" of a Covid-19 positive person on campus, you will be notified immediately by email, text, and phone and will be provided directions for quarantine.

  • To view Covid-19 cases for the entire district, visit the VUSD Covid-19 Case Dashboard.

Lake Week of October 4-October 10: 0 Covid-19 positive cases

Save the Date

  • October 11: Early Dismissal, 12:36pm
  • October 14: Asymptomatic Covid Testing in Rose Hall 10-11:30am
  • October 18: Early Dismissal, 12:36pm
  • October 25: Early Dismissal, 12:36pm
  • October 29: Wear your Halloween Costume to school! PTA Trunk or Treat event
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Membership is the best way to connect with your community, be "in-the-know" about all PTA programs and events, vote in the meetings, and make a difference in your child's education. You can join PTA for only $8.

Join and donate today at

We have a couple of volunteer opportunities available now for PTA members. Once you submit your membership, fill out a volunteer form with the front office and ask how you can help!

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In Case you misssed it...

Covid Testing is now available, on campus, weekly, for all staff and PTA parent volunteers who are not vaccinated or who wish to have asymptomatic testing. Please stop by the front office from 10-11:30am on October 7th if you are a PTA volunteer and would like to take advantage of our testing, provided by Inspire Diagnostics.

After October 15th, all staff and volunteers will need to be vaccinated against covid-19 or complete weekly testing, per state guidelines.

Girls Sanitary Products

In order to support our students, we have installed a sanitary box in the girl's upper grade restroom. This is a small, metal trash can that is located inside the largest (handicap) stall. If your child is in need of disposing sanitary products, please make sure you've spoken with her about how to do so safely and appropriately in a public restroom, utilizing this sanitary box. Also, please remind all students that only toilet paper should ever go in the toilet! Thank you!

Click the text above to see all job opportunities currently available in VUSD.

Instructional Aide (Substitute)

  • Lake is looking for a substitute LH Instructional aide. In this position, your role is to work with our Special Educaiton team to support our students with learning challenges. If you are interested in this position, please reach out to Shirley Indegno, Human Resources Technician, PH: 760-726-2170, ext. 92218. Let her know you'd like to sub in this position at Lake. Since we currently have an IA out on a long term leave of absence, there is potential for this to be a full time position.

Substitute Teacher:

  • We have a significant substitute shortage, and with all the required quarantines, we are feeling the effects of this. We'd love to have you sub for us, so once you get your paperwork into VUSD's HR, please let Teena know in the front office, so she can put you on our list of preferred subs.
  • San Diego County Substitute Information


  • Monday is a minimum day! Dismissal is at 12:36pm. There is no second-chance breakfast on minimum days, so please send your child with a snack, or have them get breakfast before school starts from 7:25-7:40.
  • No Dogs on campus. As much as we love our furry friends, we can not have them on campus. This is VUSD policy, so if you need to bring your dog, you'll have to pick your child up at Lake Park. Thank you!
  • Early pickup: If you need to pick your child up early for an appointment, please do so prior to 1:30pm. After that you'll need to wait until regular dismissal time. If you have questions, please call the office.
  • Do not drop your child off prior to 7:25am. We have no supervision available before this time. Students need to stay in the car until 7:25 if you are in the line.
  • Please have your child bring a water bottle and mask, daily. Donations are needed for small water cups for those students who forgot their water bottle. Small, disposable children's mask donations are also greatly appreciated! You can send these to the office.
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Important Health & Safety Information

Please see the following important health and safety information: Click HERE

Call into the office each time your child is absent. Do not send your child to school if they are sick. In case you missed it, please see the covid-19 notification. Let's all work together to keep eachother safe during this uncertain time. I encourage all parents and students to wear a mask during drop-off and pick-up.

If you ever have questions about how the district is handling health & safety, please check the health & safety page on the VUSD website.

School Drop/Off & Pick-Up Procedures-CLICK HERE

Please read the presentation notes below each slide for more details!