Monday Memo

April 20, 2015

TJ Updates

Another beautiful weekend! It's so nice to be able to be outside and smell spring in the air!

This week our third through fifth graders will be taking the NYS Math tests on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Once again our students are well prepare to take these tests due to the strong teaching that happens everyday at T.J. I am always impressed with the deep mathematical thinking happening when I visit math classes.

Once again I would like to respectfully request that everyone refrain from using the playground between 9 and 10:30 (Wednesday - Friday) so that the sound of children playing doesn't distract our students taking the test.

More capital project work has started. Right now, they are working on the steps leading to the entrance that the Y before and after school program uses. This is why there is a big digger in the front of the building.

Here are some pictures from last week.

Principal Tuck-In

Thursday night I completed my "Principal Tuck-In". I spent the evening with Dylan and his parents (they invited me to dinner). I had a great time reading Dylan Goodnight Digger, Goodnight Already! and the first two chapters of Friendship According to Humphrey. I loved ending my week sharing my love of reading with a student who loves reading!


Arendt, Smith, Barattini
PM: Greene, Hoch, Grattan

Monday, April 20
  • CSE Annual Review Meetings, Board Room
  • RTI Steering Committee, 3:30, Teacher Center

Tuesday, April 21

  • SST, 9:30 am, Reading Room

Wednesday, April 22
  • NYS Math Exam - Grades 3-5 starting at 9:00

Thursday, April 23

    • NYS Math Exam - Grades 3-5 starting at 9:00
    • PTA Meeting, 6:30 pm, TJC Library - Budget Presentation

      Friday, April 24

      • NYS Math Exam - Grades 3-5 starting at 9:00


      Websites, Blogs or Twitter accounts worth checking out

      Below are some websites or blogs I have found that I thought might be of interest to some of you. I will also add some interesting people to follow on twitter.
      A fun video by Dillon Valley Elementary School (to the tune of a very popular song!) Enjoy!
      READ A LOT by Dillon Valley Elementary School