Mrs. Heisdorf's Newsletter

January 4-8th

Head Lice

Please be aware that head lice is going around the school and it is in third grade. Take precautions at home to prevent your child from getting it and from spreading it.

If your child does not bring snow pants and boots they will not be allowed to play in the snow during recess!


In science right now we are learning about weather. This week our focus was on the water cycle. Next week we are moving on to specific kinds of weather like tornadoes, snowstorms, and hurricanes.

In social studies have been learning about maps. This past week we learned how to read a compass rose, a map scale and how to navigate a map using those two tools.


We just started our measurement unit in math. We used a ruler to estimate and measure. We are also learning about liquid measurement: gallons, quarts, pints and cups. We have been applying what we know about these units of measure by solving real word math problem. Next week we will focus on liters and milliliters.


Our new unit of study in literacy is fairy tales. We have been learning about the structure of a fairy tale and are starting to write our very own! In addition, we are comparing and contrasting different versions of fairy tales to help us to grow in our understanding.

Upcoming Events

1/14 KEYS Meeting 6:00

1/15 Friday PM Schedule and Early Release at 1:30

1/18 MLK Jr. Day NO SCHOOL

2/11 KEYS Meeting 6:00

2/12 Early Release 1:30