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The Dual Gradebook is up and running now! Please visit the 7 Burgundy team website to view the rubric.

Social Studies


We have begun investigating pre-history and prehistoric man. Students virtually viewed cave paintings in Las Caux, used their cell phones to take a survey testing their ability to survive as a caveman and were assigned their first project (due September 30th)

I appreciate your children's enthusiasm towards the subject and activities and look forward to more exciting lesson in social studies

Language Arts


In Language Arts,we've started our unit on The Giver by Lois Lowry and are already deep in conversation about what makes a perfect society. As we read this book we will be studying literary elements and reading comprehension strategies. We will have chapter quizzes and a final project and/or test at the end of the unit.

In Lit and Comp we have started reading Nothing but the Truth by Avi. There are discussion questions after each chapter and those can be found on my website. We'll use the book to explore literary elements.

We've also started on vocabulary, learning Greek and Latin roots. We'll have a vocab quiz every two weeks - the first is coming up on Friday, September 20th.




We are currently working on Scientific Processes. So we have been elbows deep into labs!! There will be an upcoming test on Scientific Processes on Monday, September 16th. A study guide for the test will be given the week of the 9th to help students focus and study the correct material for the test!!

The rest of the month will be spent introducing Ecology. This particular unit will contain a great deal of vocabulary. So, there will be quite a few activities to help the students learn the material. We will also be continuing online assignments such as blogging and online homework assignments. So, please make sure your student stays on top of these! This month, we will also get the opportunity to use iPads in school. If students want to bring their own tablets, they may do so with your permission only!! (Also, they will be completely responsible for them!!)



Pre-Algebra 7: We have started our work with integer operations and have already covered addition and subtraction. This coming week we will be focused on the multiplication and division properties of integers. We will then spend a little bit of time reviewing and practicing coordinate graphing. Students should expect a test around September 19th. We will then begin to explore operations with rational numbers (positive and negative fractions and decimals).

Algebra 1A: Students have worked quickly through chapter 1 of their textbook which has introduced them to some of the overarching concepts of the course. They will have a short test this Tuesday September 10th. We will then begin our work with algebraic properties such as simplifying expressions, combining like terms, and solving for multi-step variable problems. Students should expect a test near the end of September or beginning of October over these concepts.