Flipgrid in Blended Learning

What is Flipgrid?


Sign Up For A Flipgrid Account

Click here to sign up for a free Flipgrid account! If you already have an account, simply login.

How Can You Use Flipgrid in Blended Learning?

  • The perfect tool for exit tickets
  • Summarize learning and post video summary on Flipgrid
  • Flip your lessons! Record short videos explaining the use of a tool or a concept
  • Connect with other classrooms. Read this article about this idea
  • Video assessments - engage students by assessing them via Flipgrid video
  • Read this article for 15 creative uses for Flipgrid

Record a Fllipgrid of Your Own

Click this link to access a Flipgrid created just for this summer PD. Record yourself describing one or more ways you could use Flipgrid in your classroom during your Blended Learning lessons.

Record Additional Ideas for Using Flipgrid in Blended Learning

Click here to access our Padlet of ideas.