Halloween and more!

A spooky good time!

Spooky Story!

The Haunted House!

We read a spooky story together in class on Halloween. It was a story about a haunted house! The man that bought the house had no idea that he was buying a haunted house, so he was angry! He went to the preacher and they had a party in the house. Soon all of the neighbors showed up and the ghosts quickly left, never to be seen or heard from again!

The Haunted House

Batty for learning!

This week we learned about bats. They are the only mammal that flies. They have big ears because they use sound to locate their food. Nick thinks they are ugly. He also thinks they are disgusting. Those are his opinions. Scott thinks bats are cool, that is his opinion.

Halloween Activities

This week was very busy! We had our school dance! Scott was so happy to attend the dance! He was very upset and disappointed last year when the dance got postponed because of Super Storm Sandy! This year it went off without any problems! His favorite dance was "The Worm".

Nick came to school on Halloween looking like a blast from the past. He was Danny Zuko from Grease. It was amazing to see the transformation.

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