Derby Daily

April 11-15

The week at a glance:

Monday, April 11th: #Celebrate Monday! We will be in our Purple and Green Dragonwear today! Let's see those Dash shirts!

Smile for the Camera! 5th grade picture 8:30 a.m.

Sadly, our School Wide pic is on the back burner...can't take a pic in the rain...:(

Tuesday, April 12th: MAP Manuals Training 3:45 p.m. Please review your manual! See you in the Media Center at 3:45! *if you are unable to make it the make up day is April 20th

Wednesday, April 13th: I will be with our K-1 today as they dive into the word of Fundations!

Compass Point meetings--looking forward to planning for a strong finish of the year! Remember we will come together for a SHARE OUT at 4:45 p.m. in the Media Center

Thursday, April 14th: I am learning on the road today at the district Principal's Meeting! Know I am but an email or text away!

We welcome our friends from the City of CoMo today as we dive head first into our Earth Day Buddy Activities! See the Schedule Below!

It's time for a night out with the family! Derby Dine 6:00 p.m. at Teller's!

Friday, April 15th: Our Earth Day Activities continue! Welcome our friends from the City of CoMo!

3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly

Upcoming April Dragon Events:

April 16th Basketball Team 19 8:00 a.m. West MS

April 16th Team 6 11: 20 a.m. West MS

April 18-22 Progress Monitoring week...our last one before we begin to Benchmark!

April 18-22 MAP ATTACK Week! See below for details!

April 18-22 School Volunteers Week--How will you express your gratitude to our amazing volunteers? Could your class write letters? Could you hang a banner?

April 19th Faculty Meeting

April 20th 3:45 p.m. MAP Manuals Training Make Up

April 21st Dragon Tales Newsletter Due

April 21st Kindergarten to the Planetarium

April 21st FSP meeting

April 22nd Earth Day

April 22nd April Principals Birthday Lunches

April 23rd Happy Birthday Mr. Chambers!

April 23rd Team 19 8:50 a.m. Smithton

April 23rd Team 6 1:50 p.m. Smithton

April 25th Happy Birthday Courtney Nachtsheim!

April 25th K-2 ELA Leadership meeting! Thank you Katie Sullivan!

April 26th 3-5 ELA Leadership meeting! Thank you Jill Walters!

Wishing Officer Scott Lenger a Happy Birthday April 27th

April 27th Early Release Day

April 27th Administrative Professionals Day!

April 27th TLIM Book Study

April 28th June Principals Birthday Lunches

April 28th Tornado Drill

Feliz Cumpleaños 28 de abril la señora Hutchinson

April 30th Team 6 10:30 a.m. Smithton

April 30th Team 19 11:20 Smithton

Drops in the Bucket

That's a Winner! Way to go Team Higgins for our first HSC Basketball Win!

Thank you BLT! Thank you for your open sharing and conversations! Thanks for lifting your voice as we continue to be the keepers of the DRE vision!

What an amazing DRILL! Even if it was sooner than you think--Thank You Dragons! The Fire Dept was MORE than impressed with your response! Thank you for being at the ready!

Take a Bow! Thank you for being ROCK STARS! Thank you Erin Smith, Betsy Quintero, Laura Buddemeyer, Carissa Bowers, Dorothy Sullivan and Katie Sullivan and A Tip of the Hat to Elizabeth Smith, Taylor Morales, Ryanne Despain for all who problem solved, stepped up and helped out when our guest teacher spots didn't fill! Thanks for ensuring the learning continued for our friends!

Kudos to TEAM Title and ELL for their INCREDIBLE family event! Wow! It was awesome to see so many planning on how to keep the learning alive in the summer! Job Well Done!

What amazing collaborative conversations on how to best collect the data and make real changes to behavior! Thank you Sped Team for your powerful discussions on the DBR!

What a STUPENDOUS DASH! Thank you to all who assisted to all who took part! What a great representation of our Dragon Family! Thank you for spending part of your Saturday celebrating our Dragon family!

Blackout Days Continue to Stack Up! Is your bus request in?












Submit your name for 2016-2017 Building Leadership Team

As you discussed with your teams the as you reviewed BLT information I hoped you discussed our deep study of Professional Learning Communities. Read all about it

Link to BLT Notes:

We are in need of strong teacher leaders to represent our teams and I am asking for you to apply to be a Leadership Team member. Please submit your name and a short paragraph on how you are the best candidate to represent your team! Please have submissions to me by April 29th!

The team will be comprised of a representative from the following:

Each grade level team (K-5), a Specials team member, a Sped team rep, and a Team Title rep

One will receive PD credit for being a member!

What you are committing to:

Being a keeper of our PLC Vision

Attendance at the Summer PLC Institute: July 26-28 to be held in CoMo

Monthly Meetings

5 additional training days to be held during the school year

Attendance at the state Powerful Learning Conference in February held at Tan-Tara

Other duties as assigned:)

Finishing Strong! Adult Supervision, Expectation Review--Required!

You have read a lot in the last few Derby Dailies about FINISHING STRONG in these last 30 days! One way is to ensure a STRONG FINISH is with solid Supervision of our students! Remember to escort your student to and from class activities such as to and from recess and lunch, specials, etc.! Walking backwards or at the side of the middle of the line to reinforce 3rd tile and great looking line as we are voices off and hands by our side helps to reinforce those Dragon Expectations! FINISH STRONG!

As we know the final days for a school year can be trying as our students schedules can be unpredictable with assessments and field trips. Please try to keep your schedule as routine as possible! Work with your students to help them prepare for success if your schedule is to change.....Review, Routine and Celebrating the Positive as we FINISH STRONG!

Reminders about resources available as we FINISH STRONG!

Erica Mason, newest member of our Dragon family is here to help and offer support and feedback for some of our more challenging students? Have you introduced yourself and welcomed her to the family?

Behavior Resource file created by Chelsea Clark on the Derby Google Drive

MAP ATTACK a Week Away! MAP 2 weeks away! MAP Manuals Training this WEEK!

How will you celebrate your Buddy Classroom? How will we SYNERGIZE to lift our students up to shine?



Monday, April 18th Celebrate Team DRE with Team Shirts!

Tuesday, April 19th Mad about Science Day! MisMatched Clothes

Wednesday, April 20th Math Day! Clothes with Numbers

Thursday, April 21st ELA Day! Clothes with Words

Friday, April 22nd: Show your Dragon PRIDE: Wear that Purple and Green

Launch MAP Attack week the week of April 18-22

This week will have spirit days each day and then do a Morning Gathering on the 22nd. At MG we will have a little “fun” competition but the highlight will be recognizing those friends advanced and prof on MAP last year and also offering an attendance/effort challenge for our friends for this year….

Testing Schedule

5th grade (testing from 9:45-11:45 each day)


Monday, April 25th-Wednesday, April 27th


April 28th-29th


May 2-3

4th grade (testing from 10:30-12:30 each day)

ELA May 4-5

Math May 6 and 9

3rd grade (testing 8:45-10:45 each day)

ELA May 10-11

Math May 12-13

Incentives for effort/attendance is a Movie and Popcorn party!

Chelsea Clark Needs Your Help! Keep those PM Slips Coming!

Keep those intervention progress monitoring slips coming! Please place them in my mailbox sometime in the next couple of weeks (with the exception of the groups that are still in progress or just starting to meet)? I am in the process of entering all of that data and would love to share it with you all when we have it!! It's interesting stuff!

A Look at a Busy May--the dates keep coming!

With so much going on I wanted to help you preview all the busy that is our final days of school....I will try to update each week as long as I have your information! If your event is MISSING--let me know and I will add it to the calendar!

May 2-6 It's DRE Staff Appreciation Week! Thank you for being the amazing that you are! Celebrating your AWESOME!

May 2nd K-2 Math Leadership Team meeting! Thank you Clarissa for representing us well!

May 3rd 3-5 Math Leadership Team! Thank you Laura B for being our Dragon voice!

May 3rd It's International Night! 5-7 p.m.

May 4th BLT Meeting

May 5th 1st grade to Runge

May 5th Earthquake Drill

May 5th FSP BOE Meeting

May 6th It's Nurses Day! Thank you Nurse Judy

May 6th K-2 Distinguished Dragon Assembly

May 11th May Principal Birthday Lunches

May 11th Compass Point Meetings

May 13th July Principal Birthday Lunches

May 13th 3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly

May 16th EOY Data Summit! K-2

May 16th Talent Show Dress Rehearsal after school

May 17th EOY Data Summit 3-5

May 17th Faculty Meeting

May 18th Talent Show 2:00 p.m.

May 18th TLIM Book Study, Special Guest FranklinCovey Representative, Lance Wheeler 3:45 p.m.

May 18th Talent Show 6:00 p.m.

May 19th Pre-School BBQ Oakland

May 19th 4th grade to Jefferson City

May 19th Fire Drill

May 19th FSP Meeting

May 20 All School Morning Gathering

May 21st DRE Family Picnic! 11:00 a.m.

May 23rd 3rd grade to the Bridal Cave

May 23rd 5th grade EOY Trip!

May 24th DRE Field Day and Hot Dog BBQ

May 25th 5th grade graduation

May 26th Early Dismissal our Last Day of the 15-16 School Year!

May 26th Happy Hour Celebrating Lisa Fortner's Retirement 4:30 p.m. Heidelberg Rooftop!

Spring has Sprung and Guest Teachers are in a Short Supply!

I know family commitments and sickness arrive, but an element of FINISHING STRONG is attendance! Please do all you can to be here to maintain a STRONG FINISH in these last 30 days! I know things come up so please plan accordingly--Fridays and Mondays guest teachers are in short supply! And know that quality guest teachers are in short supply as well--please plan according in the event of an absence. Plan and work to be proactive for a optimal learning day in your classroom, redistribute students to help find success, plan for activities that will assist your guest teachers in having an engaging experience and work with your team to assist if possible. How can Rachel and I support you? Thank you for working to ensure learning continues and thank you for partnering with us for a STRONG FINISH!

Details about our Upcoming Buddy Activities: April 14th and 15th

Good afternoon Dragon Trainers! Here’s the info for our Earth Day Buddy activity next week. The who, when, where, and what. Please mark your calendars and schedules accordingly!

Who, When, and Where:

1st and 4th on Thursday, April 14th at 2:00-3:00 in the cafeteria

K and 3rd on Friday, April 15th at 8:45-9:45 in the cafeteria

2nd and 5th on Friday, April 15th at 12:05-12:50 in the gym


A fairly self-contained presentation and activity in which the presenters are going to bring Columbia Water and Light's energy bike to help define energy in a more tangible way, then they are going connect this with a representation of volume and/or weight of CO2 emissions, and talk briefly about how these emissions impact summer time temperatures. They’ll then finish up with energy conservation tips for the kids to do at home. Kids can photograph themselves performing these activities after the program—the presenters were hoping to create a mural of these images for the City's Earth Day booth.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

Carlei Wies and the Student Leadership Team

A Familiar Face Stepping Up to Lend a Hand: Welcome Back Charlotte Miller!

As we attempt to FINISH STRONG and the fact that Rachel and I will be pulled in many directions with trainings and hiring season in full swing--they have offered another set of hands.

Charlotte Miller, retired administrator, will be on hand to ensure as much as possible 2 administrators are in the building for as many days as possible. I know some of you are familiar with Mrs. Miller and I know you will welcome her back to the family with lots of Dragon Love!

Shout out to Brent Wade Recognized in KPLA's Apples for Teachers Program! Way to Go Mr. Wade