Part II of Bible Impact Project

The Old Testament Part II

5 Baby Names & Cities that Reflects the Bible

5 Baby Names

  • Isaiaih
  • Noah
  • Mary
  • Adam
  • Hezikiah

5 City Names

- Salem, Oregon (Genesis 14:8)

- New Caanon, Conneticut (Levitious 18:3)

- Bethleham, Pennslyvania(Ruth 1:1)

- Goshen, New York(Genesis 45:10)

- Lebrabon, Illnois ( Isaiah 14:8)

Authors of famous Bibicial Books!

5 Books!

  • Grapes of Wrath : By John Steinback
  • MOby Dick : By Herman Melville
  • Lord of Flies : By: William Golding
  • Scarlett Letter: Nathinial Hawthrone
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin: By: Harriet Betcher Stowe
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic: By: Julia Ward Howe >Was sung at the funerals of Britishstatemen Willim Churchhill. American Senator Robert Kennedy, American Presidents Reagan and Nixon



  1. The Son of God (2015)
  2. The prince of eygpt (1998)
  3. The passion of christ (2004)
  4. The Robe (1963)
  5. The 10 Commandements (1963)

Speech Given By Obama

I'm using President Obama as the president that mentioned God in his speech.

Obama said in his speech June 8, 2009 in cario he stated "i'm a christian" also "as a nation of christians, jews, hindu, muslims- and non-believers

This quote showed the world that Obama is overly christan and he loves how the U.S.A has a diversities of religons.