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Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Jevone Baldwin: I would like to nominate for going above and beyond for me, by choice, everyday, and she does it with a smile!

Nikki Bauer and Sue Clay: I would like to nominate Nikki and Sue for encouraging their students who went home and voluntarily wrote stories after being inspired by the author on Monday. by giving a copy of them to the library. We’ll enjoy the copies of the stories they provided to the library!!

Sharon Cole – I am nominating Sharon Cole because she helped set up the tables for Family Fun Night and provided clipboards. She always seems to be by my side when I need a helping hand! She even put Keegan to work helping us get prepared!

Marci Houseman- I am nominating Marci Houseman because she inspires me to continue to grow as an educator and I really appreciate that!

Danielle Duncan, Mary Carrington, Diane Allen – I am nominating these three ladies for scooping ice cream at Family Fun Night and making a lot of little ones extremely happy!

All Teachers – Family Fun Night was such a huge success thanks to a lot of great teaching and learning. A parent walked up to me and said, “Wow! I am totally exhausted because I just learned so much!” The excitement that teachers display each day for learning was visible through the excitement that students shared as they taught their parents all about math!

Thomas Tidbits

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ---Socrates

And remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making our Hive Thrive

K – Teachers are starting providing many concrete math experiences for students. Teachers provided amazing opportunities for parents to learn about kindergarten math and create tools to support learning at home.

1st – Teachers are explicitly teaching comprehension and providing rubrics for students to self evaluate and evaluate the work of others. While planning with a teacher, she was using the unpacking document to design math instruction that would give students many opportunities to master the standard. Teachers provided amazing opportunities for parents to learn what first grade math is all about! It was awesome to see students sharing digital creations from the pilot project.

2nd – Teachers are modeling many different strategies to solve math problems and they are providing a wide variety of math tools to support learning. Teachers have also created anchor charts to support students as they construct written responses to comprehension questions. Teachers provided awesome opportunities for parents to learn about second grade math and the strategies that they are using to develop students that have a great conceptual understanding.

Counselor Corner

We are leaving this schedule in the newsletter as a reminder.


Monday 4/27 - Camo Day (wear camouflage)

Tuesday 4/28 - Hat Day (wear your favorite hat)

Wednesday 4/29 -Stars and Stripes (wear either or both)

Thursday 4/30 - Purple Day (wear purple)

Friday 5/1 – Red, White & Blue Day (wear red, white & blue) with your jeans :)

We may not have enough military parents for every classroom. We will let you know as soon as possible.

EOY assessment letters

The EOY assessment letters will be in your boxes on Monday. Please make sure they go home with students on Monday. Thanks!
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Bike to School

Bike to School day is Wednesday, May 6 and SIT voted to have SPP participate again this year. Flyers/registration forms will be placed in your boxes to be sent home on Monday. This is only for 1st and 2nd graders. Please remind your students to return the registration form in order to participated. The ride this year will begin at the Pool Park as opposed to the Armory like last year. We hope to see a lot of our staff members participate along with our students. I will be gone for this event and Alvita will be representing me at the Principals Meeting so we will need some teachers/assistants/support staff to bike to school with our little babies. :)
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Discovery Place Kids--ScienceReach

Exciting News!!! Thanks to a grant, we will be able to have ScienceReach (Discovery Place's museum-on-wheels) join us at SPP!! Since the 2nd graders were able to travel to the museum, we are bring the museum here for our Kindergarten and 1st graders. Discovery Place will be here May 26-28. We will be working on a specific schedule but wanted to let you know they are coming. Each class will recieve a 50 minute session.

SIT looked at all of the classes offered through ScienceReach and selected "You Can Build It!" for our students. Here is the description: Use the very popular Build It! blocks to work through engineering challenges and create fascinating buildings and structures such as high-rise towers, bridges, pyramids and more. It is very exciting that our students will be given this opportunity!! Stay tuned for the specific schedule!

Check this out...

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O is for Oxygen

The brain needs oxygen to function best. Designing more opportunities for movement, in and out of the classroom, is a surefire way to increase blood flow, promote health, and provide powerful learning experiences.

Kinesthetic activities help create connections in developing minds and allow students to process information in a while new way. Let kids jump--literally--into learning!

--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate

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Walkthrough Focus

During April, we will focus on the third and fourth characteristics of great classrooms: "Engagement" and "Relevant Learning".

Upcoming Dates

April 29: Collaborative PLC team meetings after school--Jen will lead grade levels in a combined PLC meeting on Concrete/Representational/Abstract concepts in math; Other PLC teams will define own agendas--please post minutes on your Edmodo group page.

April 30: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

April 30: School Improvement Site Visit--11:00-12:30

April 30: Teacher of the Year Banquet--Congratulations Lisa Michno!!

May 4-8: Marci off campus

mClass EOY: May 4-May 22

May 6: Alvita at Principals Meeting

SRI EOY: May 11-May 22

May 7: Collaborative PLC meetings--Admin will determine agenda

May 13: Kindergarten Field trip

May 13: Staff Meeting

May 14: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

May 14: MCS Retirement Reception--Congratulations Damita Nocton!!

Math Summative: May 18-May 29

May 20: SIT Meeting

May 21: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

May 25: No School

May 26-28: ScienceReach for Kindergarten and 1st grade--schedule to come

May 27: Collaborative PLC grade level team meetings after school--teams determine agendas. Please post minutes on your Edmodo group page.

May 28: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

May 28: 2nd grade Celebration of the Arts--6:30 p.m.

May 29: Bee Buck Ice Cream Party

June 4: RIF and Read-a-thon

June 5: Kindergarten and Second Grade Awards Assemblies; First Grade Field Trip

June 8: First Grade Awards Assemblies

June 9: Storyteller @ 9:45 followed by Field Day/Fun Day with Playmobile

June 10: Marci at Principals Meeting

June 11: Last day of school

June 12: Required workday