Eduardo's Career Book

By Eduardo Mandujano

My Personality

My name is Eduardo Mandujano I am a freshman at Hebron High School. For the personality test I got the color blue. At work I will have a strong desire to influence others so they lead more significant lives.Blue is a sympathetic, personal, warm, communicative, compassionate, sincere, and peaceful. A lot of theses words define my personality. Something that i really like to do for fun is play football, i play for fun and i also play for competitive.

My Career

For my Carrier project i decided to choose a swat team member. They investigate suspected criminal violators, for the federal state and any hostage cases and emergency that the police cant do. The educated needed is a high school diploma, 4 years of collage and experience with the law enforcement or military experience. The salary begins at $78.890 dollars and increases on the more years of experience you have. The job outlook is below average. I have always been interested in the law enforcement and this would be something that i think will really enjoy.
Hostage Rescue In Malaysia - SWAT Style


My annual salary that i would need is $89.668 dollars. My career will effect to see if i would have enough to satisfy my lifestyle. My house expenses would be $734 dollars. My transportation expanses $808. My salary will be important so i don't have to worry about things that are not out of my reach for me. My salary will let me live the life style that i would like to live. I plan to pay for my collage by archiving to receive a football scholarship. It won't be a easy task but with all my work that I put in I can achieve it. If I don't receive a a scholarship then my parents would pay, and I'll pay them back.


I chased the colleague Texas Christian University in Forth Worth TX. The numbers of applicants is 12,212, the percent admitted is 50%. The tuition/ fees is 26,948 dollars, the tuition for in state in out of state is $38,928 dollars. I chooses this school cause it's a beautiful campus is close buy and because it has degrees in criminal justice and law enforcement. I would work hard to try to get a scholarship for football, it won't be easy to get it but it can be done. If i get a scholarship it will effect what school will I go to.
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