Mars Exploration Rover

Spirit and Opportunity

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission consist of two robotic rovers

MER-A Spirit Launched 10th June 2003

MER-B Opportunity Launched 7th July 2003

These rovers are ongoing robotic space missions exploring the planet Mars.

MER-A Spirit landed on Mars 4th January 2004 and MER-B Opportunity landed on Mars 28th January 2004.

Through the rovers time on Mars discovered have been made which consist of:

-- 23rd March 2004 Evidence of past liquid water on Martins Surface

--6th February 2007 MER-B Opportunity become the first space craft to traverse 10km on the surface of Mars

-- January 2009 the MER-A Spirit and MER-B Opportunity had sent back 250000 images and traveled 21kms

--3rd January and 24th January 2010 marked 6 years on Mars

--26th January 2010 NASA announced MER-A Spirit will be used as a stationary research platform.

-- 22 May 2011 NASA announced MER-A Spirit has been trapped in sand for two years and they have ceased attempt to contact MER-A Spirit.

--28 July 2014 NASA announced MER-B Opportunity had driven further than any other vehicle on a world other than earth.

Technologies used for Mars Exploration Rover Include:

-Rover (185kg)

-Landed (348kg)

-Backshell/Parachute (209km)

-Heat Shield (78kg)

-Cruise Stage (193kg)

-Propellant (50kg)

The two Mars Exploration Rovers have enlightened our understanding of the solar system by searching and characterising a wide range of rocks and soils that hold cues to past water activity on Mars. It also allows photographic evidence to be shown to us on earth.