John M. Maloney

Music Education Major

About Me

My name is John M. Maloney and I am a commuter student from Solon, Ohio. I play the saxophone and I am a music education major in the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. This picture is from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

My Family

April - What a Paw-ful!

My High School

My Interests - Outside of Music


I love the weather and all four seasons that Northeast Ohio experiences! This past summer I did some storm chasing around Northeast Ohio, driving into the worst parts of some storms that came through the area. Thankfully I stayed safe and avoided driving into large hail! I also LOVE lake effect snow during the winter! It is SO AWESOME! Living in the snowbelt, I typically get a LOT more snow than the Cleveland area. There are times when Cleveland will get a few inches of snow from a storm, and I end up getting over TWO FEET of snow from that same storm! I also frequently have snow on the ground at my house through the end of April!


I LOVE NISSAN! I know this sounds crazy, but I am an extreme fan of Nissan vehicles. I have been raised in a family that only drives Nissan vehicles and I have fallen in love with them. I think the whole Nissan lineup is awesome and I am a huge fan of their vehicle designs and reliability. This past summer I even drove three hours down to Columbus, Ohio for the Nissan Next Event, where I was able to test drive ten vehicles in their lineup. Among the ten vehicles I test drove were the newly redesigned 2013 Nissan Altima and the all-electric 2012 Nissan Leaf. It was so awesome and I'll never forget it. I especially love driving my very own Nissan Altima every day! I will drive Nissan vehicles for life!

Road Trips

I love going on road trips across the United States and Canada. I particularly like visiting beaches, parks, landmarks, zoos, and anywhere with good scenery. Since I refuse to fly on a plane, it's a good thing that I like spending a lot of time on the road in the car. Although long trips can become exhausting, it is worth every second of it for all of the amazing scenery I have seen by going on a road trip instead of flying to my destination. The longest road trips I have been on so far is to Orlando, Florida with my band in high school, as well as to northern Vermont and New Hampshire with my family. In the future I hope to drive through every US state except Hawaii, as well as through all of the provinces and territories in Canada. Yes, although it may seem crazy, I even hope to some day drive up to the northern-most point in Alaska and be able to step into the Arctic Ocean.