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Week of Monday, April 24, 2023. ISSUE 33

Word of the Week: AUTHENTIC

Dear Hillcrest Community:

We congratulate all the students honored last Friday for Student of the Month and BARK awards. A huge congratulations to our 1st grade DL students and the students in Ms. Lunas' classroom for the best attendance 2nd Trimester. These three classrooms will be enjoying ice cream treats this week. We invite you to our final SSC Meeting of the year and to Coffee with the Principal. Lastly, this week we are celebrating our Administrative Professionals for all the work they do to keep our school running smoothly.
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Monday April 24

School Clubs Announced

Tuesday April 25

Field Trip for Room 9 and 13

STEAM Training for Teachers & PTA Volunteers, 3pm @ MakerSpace

PBIS/Lighthouse Team Meeting, 3pm in Room 25

Wednesday April 26

Administrative Professionals Day

Thursday April 27

SST Meetings @ 8am and 2pm

SSC Mtg, 3:15pm

**School Club Applications Due**

Friday April 28

Coffee with the Principal, 9am

IEP Mtg @ 11:30am

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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Ms. Lisette Montero, Ms. Yvonne Ip and Ms. Gladys Adame

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Introducing our new School Home Coordinator in Mandarin- Ms. Vera Lee

⚾️ Babe Ruth Day is April 27 ⚾️

Babe Ruth Day honors the “Great Bambino, one of Baseball’s greatest players ever.

On April 27, 1947, Babe Ruth attended Yankee Stadium for Babe Ruth Day. It was to be the second last time he was at the stadium.

  • He first gained fame as a left-handed pitcher. Later in his career, he switched to outfielder.
  • Bambino means “baby boy” in Italian.
  • His first nickname was “Babe”. He was also called the “Sultan of Swat”.
  • He ended his career in a Boston Brave uniform.
  • Babe hit 714 home runs.
  • Amazingly, he was not a unanimous selection for the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Babe’s lifetime hitting percentage was .690.

How to Celebrate Babe Ruth Day?

  • Read a book on Babe Ruth.
  • Attend a baseball game.
  • Collect some Babe Ruth memorabilia.

✏️ Leader in Me Habit #8

How can a voice make a difference?

How Kids Change the World - Ryan Hickman
Kid President + Glad to Give present How Good Spreads
Read Aloud- Say Something By: Peter H. Reynolds

🗓 Coming Up!

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💡 Quote of the Week:

"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games"

-Ruth Babe