Come live with us in neptune

250,000 just to visit but 550,00 to live there

about our planet

are planet Neptune is a post to be extremely cold because it's real farthest from the sun so we made a dome over the whole planet so it wouldn't be so cold now it's like any other planet for example spring, fall, summer, and winter is the same temperature except when it's hot it's hotter and when it is cold it's colder that's the only difference everything else is the same

holidays are perfect in our planet

it's perfect because you can do a lot of different things during every season for example during spring u can go to a carnival or any amusement park and maybe a stroll in one of park

are parks,restaurants and amusement parks

our transportations

hover car

remember when you uses to think about the future and one of the this were a hover car well if you visit our planet you can also rent or buy a hover car they even have hover cars for police now this is the real future
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since the ground in Neptune is rough we couldn't drive cause the rocks would give the car a flat tire then we wouldn't be able to drive so we made this really cool invention from a movie the movie back to the future the main character was trying to run away from some group of teens on a classic hoverboard since it doesn't have any wheels we could ride on it on neptune

facts just incase u need to know

1.) it is 2,795,000,000 miles away from the sun

2.) it's the 8th planet from the sun

3.) the fourth largest planet

4.) it has 14 moons

5.) last of the known planets

6.) Neptune name was named after the god of sea in roman

7.) 5 known rings

8.) it has a rocky core

9.) it goes around the sun once every 165 years

10.) it's blue because of the gas in the atmosphere

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