Animal Farm

Nick Monzi


Determined and Hard Working


  • Boxer would wake up 30 minutes to an hour before everybody else and start working in the fields. This proves that he works hard and is determined to help out with Animal Farm.


"I will work harder."

  • This quote shows how dedicated Boxer is to the farm. When he uses this quote, it also inspires other animals to work harder and help attend to the farm.
  • He is one of the toughest and hardest working animals on the farm.
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  • Napolean stays in the house along with the other pigs. They do this because since they are the "brains" of the farm, they say they need to be well rested.
  • When Napolean put the little pigs in school and allowed them to wear green ribbons on their tails on Sundays, this proves that all animals are not equal.

Important Events

Snowball leaving
When Snowball left Animal Farm, everything went downhill. Snowball was the last reasonable leader. But now, the leader is Napolean. Napolean lies to the animals and takes advantage of them. He changes the seven commandments on the animals, and says they just dreamed the original commandments. He also takes advantage of the animals by making them do more work and taking away there rations. Animal Farm was just never the same without Snowball.
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One of the many symbols in Animal Farm is Mr. Fredrick in relation to Hitler during the Russian Revolution. Hitler took advantage of countries during the Revolution and Mr. Fredrick gave Napolean a fake check in return for timber. Napolean, being a pig and not a human, didn't know the difference between a real and fake check, so Mr. Fredrick took advantage of Napolean.
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