Digital Citizenship Project

Tiana C. , Period 6

Be nice.

Be nice on the internet. Being mad, sad, or anything other than happy when talking on the internet isn't necessary.

Keep personal info to yourself

Putting you personal information on the internet isn't safe. People can hack into your computer and mess it up. They track where you live all the way to your bedroom. So it's best not to put your personal info on the internet.

Be picky about your privacy.

It's okay to chat on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but be careful about how you word what you're trying to say. Don't talk to people you don't know, and ignore people who try be friends with you. Only talk to people you know, and about reasonable subjects, like math, sports or something you like.

Be careful.

Be careful on the internet. If someone sends you a mean or inappropriate message, tell your parents, or a teacher. It's not okay for someone to be doing that. Then that's just cyberbullying.

Mind your manners

There's no need to be rude on the internet. Even though your not physically bullying someone, doesn't mean it won't do alot of damage. It may be a joke to you, but other people may take it as an insult, and you may get in trouble for something you didn't mean.

Plagiarizing someone's work is not cool

Copying someone's work is not cool. If you copy someone's work, you could get into major trouble. So instead, try putting it into quotes, and crediting the author, or put it into your own words. Then you'll be just as safe.

Copyright has it's rules

Copyrighting someone's work has it's rules. If you want to borrow someone's work, you have to ask for permission. Otherwise you're just stealing someone's work.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is displaying a positive attitude on the internet, and not being rude, unhappy, or downright depressing on the internet. It's important for this to happen, because if it didn't, then cyberbulling would occur, and no-one would be happy. Everyone should be happy and want to be happy.