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John Hancock Charter School, September 2, 2022

Student Check Out Procedure

Our procedures for checking out students has returned to our pre-covid procedure.

  • Please park in the gravel parking lot
  • Enter the white building through the east doors
  • Sign your child out at the front desk
  • JHCS faculty member will go get your child while you wait at the front desk

Stay in the Know - No FOMO here!

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Track It Forward

Are you using TrackItForward? (https://www.trackitforward.com/site/john-hancock-pto) It is the system we use to find volunteer opportunities at the school and to track volunteer hours. Volunteering at the school makes such a difference in the school community! It is one of the things that makes JHCS special.

If you aren't signed up, here's a quick video that describes the process. https://youtu.be/rcPj-AXGsuM

and this video describes how to use it once you are signed up: https://youtu.be/9A9hnro-GYY

Or use the instructions in the attached pdf.

Volunteer Dashboard
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8 Keys of Excellence

At JHCS we teach the 8 Keys of Excellence. Here are some ideas on how to support the 8 Keys in your home.

Ways to Use the Keys at Home:

· Model the keys with your behavior

· Notice when your child is exhibiting one of these traits and praise them for it

· Point out characters in a book or TV show that exhibit a Key

· Use the motions when your child needs a reminder

Integrity: Talk about what your family values are and how your family behaviors match them and support each other

Failure Leads to Success: Allow your students and yourself to make mistakes and learn from them

Speak with Good Purpose: Introduce Positive Self Talk at home to increase self-esteem

This Is It!: Be present with your child and remind them to do the same. When it is homework time, focus on homework. When it is play time, focus on play. When it is family time, focus on being with family and not some place else.

Commitment: Talk to your students about your goals in life and how you achieved them. Help them create a goal and write down a plan to achieve it and celebrate with them once they have accomplished it.

Ownership: Take ownership when you are modeling the Keys with success and when you could use a little practice. Help your child learn to not blame others or make excuses. This teaches them to take control of their own life since we all have choices we can make!

Flexibility: Remind your child that not everything always goes as planned and acknowledge them when they are being flexible. If the soccer game gets rained out, or if they have to change their play date discuss how being flexible will allow them to understand these changes and not be so sad about them.

Balance: Help your students balance their time outside of school so that they can be a kid, spend time with family, work on assignments, and participate in extra curricular activities.

Ideas and suggestions created by Del Mar Hills Academy Staff 2012

The 8 Keys of Excellence
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Vision Screening - Sept. 20th

Vision screenings to screen your child for visual problems such as Amblyopia (lazy eye) will be conducted throughout their school years.

Please be sure your child brings their eyeglasses on the day of the vision screening if they wear glasses.

Children’s eyes can change in as short of time as 6 months and there may be a need to see their eye doctor for a possible change in the prescription. If children cannot see the blackboard, they cannot learn.

Children often do not complain of poor vision whereas they may have seen everything in the same manner for years and are not aware the world doesn’t look the way they see it. Amblyopia is a common, but not always obvious, eye defect which must be identified before the age of seven for the most effective treatment. If not treated early, permanent visual loss may occur. It is often correctable if treated promptly.

If you would like to opt your child out of the vision screening, notify the school in writing before Sept. 16th. Send the notice to office@johnhancockcs.org.

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When to keep a sick child home from school

We LOVE it when your child attends school. It is difficult for your child and their teacher when they miss school. Chronic absenteeism (over 9 absences in an entire school year) during elementary school is one of the leading risk factors that contribute to high school dropouts and low grades.

However, keep your child home if:

  • They tested positive for COVID (5 days, then they can return to school)
  • Have a fever over 100.4 (keep home until the fever breaks)
  • Is throwing up

Siblings can attend school if one sibling or another family member is sick, even if the sick family member has COVID. It is recommended they wear a mask.

Please call the school or email the school nurse at devinpayne@johnhancockcs.org if you have any questions.

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Group Therapy Opportunities for Families

Tuesday - Emotional Wellness

4-5pm - Ages 9-12 - $25 A Session - Sept 27th - Dec 6th

This group focuses on helping children identify their feelings while teaching fun and interactive coping skills to help them handle their emotions.

Wednesday - Emotional Resilience

4-5 pm - Grades 9-12 - $25 A Session - Sept 28th - Dec 7th

This group helps teens become more emotionally aware by exploring helpful ways to cope with their emotions and how to have healthier relationships.

Wednesday - Smart Steps: For Step-Families

5-7 - FREE OF CHARGE - Sept 28th - Nov 9th

This course discusses how to manage communication, expectations, financial/legal issues, child development, strengthening the couple, and how to manage the stress of a step-family situation.

Session Topics:

Sept 28th - Orientation and Introductions

Oct 5th - Families Today

Oct 12th - Shared Meaning, Money, and the Law

Oct 19th - Empathy, Child Development, and the Law

Oct 26th - Strengthening the Couple

Nov 2nd - Communication Across Households

Nov 9th - Building Family Strengths

Important Notes About These Classes and What you Need to Do:

  1. Registration is required for group attendance

  2. Registration is required to receive materials

  3. Register by contacting the Pleasant Grove Office (801) 785-1169

  4. For questions email: andreaw@greenhousecenter.org

School Land Community Council

JHCS is seeking individuals to serve on the School Land Community Council. Members will meet for about 1 hour a month in the evenings via zoom to create a plan to spend the school's School Land funds.

Any interested individuals should email julie@johnhancockcs.org prior to Sept. 16 at 3pm.

John Hancock Charter School

JHCS Goals:

  • Instill the love of learning.
  • Prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the community.
  • Provide a solid academic foundation for future learning.
  • Instill an appreciation for the cultural and fine arts.
  • Instill an appreciation for the sciences.

· Provide a strong technology base in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this rapidly evolving world.