By Blake and Micheal


Saturn is in the Milky Way Galaxy, and is the 6th planet from the Sun.

Definition of Saturn

The 6th planet in order from the sun with the mean distance from the sun is 886.7 million miles period of revolution of 29.46 years, and 60 moons.

Phisical Properties

Saturn is Made of 75% hydrogen and 25% helium. The Rings are made of dust, rock, and ice. Saturn has many colors and the surface is most likely syrup like because of the pressure on the gases.


It is the sixth planet from the sun and it takes 29.46 years to revolve around the sun.
The Saturn Song


How many rings does Saturn have?

What are the little rings on Saturn called?

What are the three things that the rings are made of?

What is Saturn's biggest moon?

What is Saturn made of?