Keep clean and recycle things!

Be smart and recycle!

Why is it important to recycle?

It is important to recycle because when we recycle we protect the environment, save animals and save plants.

When we recycle we can reuse different materials.

Recycle paper

How to recycle paper:

Step 1: Collect paper from different places (work places, private people..) and transfer them to recycling centers.

Step 2: Checking that there is no different materials in the paper (such as paper clips, wires..) and taking them out.

Step 3: Clean the color from the paper by many washes with chemicals.

Step 4: Transfer the paper to establishments for production of paper\ cardboard.

Concepts for recycle world

Grey water - water from bathroom sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines.

grey water can be traces of dirt, food, hair and certain household cleaning products.

Waste water - Waste water can be recycled parts because after recycling it cant be drinking water it can be just water for irrigation.

The smashing story of recycling Glass