3rd Six Weeks Project

By Madi Linville

Grabbers and body paragraphs

A grabber is opening sentence or several statements that grab the readers attention and makes them want to keep reading

Body paragraph has 3 parts. A topic sentence that tells what he story is about. Main point that gives detail and tells what about. Conclusion that wraps up the story

Point Of View

1st person-telling you his/her story

2nd-referring to everyone

3rd-someone outside story

Limited-describe characters feelings

Omniscient-everyone's side of the story

Plot development and Setting

Plot development- the events that happen. Like the rising Action, climax, falling action and resolution.

Setting-the time and place an event happens

Brainstorming and revise/edit

Brainstorming is where you are producing ideas

Revise- is where you add detail, remove words and change around words

Edit- is where you capitalize, make sure you are using correct punctuation and check spelling