My Goals

Ashley Vargas

Academic Goals

My academic goal is trying my best to get good grades and get high GPA.

Athletic Goals

I will try my best and try out some sports.

Personal Goals

My personal goal is to stay stumble and have fun with my life. Enjoy what I have.

School Obstacles

My school obstacle is I have trouble being focused and I can get distracted very easily.


My two relatives that have helped me and that I can rely on are my aunt Mindy and my older sister Melissa. I can rely on my aunt because she tells me what's good from bad,gives me advice from school. I can also rely on my older sister because she tells me to try and try and never give up on my goals.

Attitude/Motivation Plan

I will have more confidence on myself and try and try and never give up.

Education/Training Plan

Have time to do my work right and then double check it.

Plan for Study and Practice

My plan for studying and practice is having less times for friends and focuse more in school. Study instead of going out.