Information and Ideas for Parents and Students


This is a new journey for all of us, and whether you are here on campus or with us remotely from home, we are all on this journey together. As your counselor, I will work toward meeting your needs socially, emotionally, and academically. Things may look a little different this year, but we will all push through and make it work.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any concerns, questions, or to set up a meeting. My contact information will be at the bottom of this newsletter.

Be kind to one another and stay positive!


Kim Terry

WMMS Counselor

How to Handle Change

No matter which way your child will be learning, traditionally or remotely, it is going to be different from what we have ever done. Here are a few things to remember to make the change a little easier.

1. Be Patient. Remember, this is new for everyone. Do not expect the same things as in years past. We are working to ensure that all children are successful.

2. Have a Daily Routine for your child. This provides predictability and a sense of security and stability for the children and you. No matter if your child is staying home with your or here at school, your child needs routine at home.

3. Be flexible. During this time it is important to remember things may change quickly. If so, roll with it and help your child understand that changes happen. If you know a change is coming, prepare your children for the change by discussing it ahead of time.

4. Be prepared. Have any items that are needed readily available, and have a place for your child to work and study there at home. A designated area is a good idea so that the children recognize the area as a place to focus and get schoolwork completed.

5. Communicate with the school. If you have questions or concerns never hesitate to contact the teacher, the office, or me, Mrs.Kim Terry.

Community Counseling Resources

Morgan County Schools

Community Counseling Resources


These providers are not endorsed by Morgan County Schools or any school within the district. Research them independently to see which one fits your needs. Remember to ask if they accept your insurance.


Yellow Brick Road 1-888-355-7080

Albany Clinic (Medicaid) 256-260-7306

Bridgeway Counseling 256-565-9145

Eagle Consulting 256-341-0811

(Telemental Health available)

Elite Center for Change 256-229-3535

Family Support Services 256-340-9233 www.familysupportservicesllcom

Health Connect America 256-274-8222

Integrated Behavioral Health 256-686-4441

Leaning Tree Counseling 256-580-6006

Riverside Counseling 256-340-0300