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Power Paras

January 7 - Bronco 4:00 p.m.

registration now open n eduphoria

January 14 -

February 18 - LArge group paras and sped teachers - allsped staff

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Region 11 offerings

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Laura's Musings

The Little Book of Restorative Justice

By Howard Zehr

The Little Book of Restorative Justice

By Howard Zehr

Achieving the Restorative Justice goals requires that:

· Victims are involved in the process and come out of it satisfied,

· Offenders understand how their actions have affected other people and take responsibility for those actions,

· Outcomes help to repair the harm done and address the reasons for the offense (specific plans are tailored to the victim’s and the offender’s needs), and

· Victim and offender both gain a sense of “closure” and both are reintegrated into the community.

Congratulations to DR. Bessy Wymuth Ed.D.

Bessy graduated in December fromUNT>>>>
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As you know there is an active construction project going on near Sonic and our far playground fence. Beginning on Tuesday, January 20 the contractor will construct a safety fence into the utility access area. They will then remove a portion of the existing chain link fence so that they can dig down to the sewer hook up. This work will continue through the 27th. Please keep students away from this area until the original fence is replaced. Students will naturally be interested in watching the progress of the job. Please keep the students a min of 12 feet from both the existing fence and the safety fence. It would work best if at least one teacher was posted at the "12 foot" mark to keep students from advancing. During this time, feel free to move students to either the side playground or fitness center.. Let me know if you have concerns or questions. Thanks for your extra diligence during this time.

Mindset The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Time to dust off/re-read and/or review you highlighting in your copy of Mindset. (The book you were given for summer reading.) We will be reviewing this book during our Staff Development activities on February 16. Please take some time to re-familiarize your self with the book (I know you have slept since you read it!). Start thinking about any new ideas you gained from reading the book. Think about how the mindset concepts can be applied both in the classroom and in your personal life. I look forward to some very interesting discussions.
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Begin each day with the student in mind...

"When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one to a fellow-creature." Sydney Smith