What are they and how are they formed?

What is lightning?

•Lightning occurs when a large heap of a cloud builds up enough static electricity to produce lightning. a bolt of lightning travels to the ground quickly and can strike buildings or tall trees because the lightning bolt wants to get to the ground in the shortest route and buildings and tree are the first to get hit. The lightning then heats the air to about 20 000°C which is a nearly three times as hot as the surface of the sun.

what is thunder?

•Thunder occurs when the lightning heats up so much that it causes the air in the sky to expand so quickly that it produces an explosion which is called thunder. The time between a lightning flash and the crash of thunder tells you how far the lightning is ( 5 seconds= 1.6 kilometres )

What causes a thunderstorm?

•The combination of lightning and thunder creates a thunderstorm. Sometimes thunderstorms can be classified as severe if they included the following, hailstones that are 2 centimetres or more in diameter, wind gusts of 90 kilometres per hour or more, flash flooding and even tornadoes at the most severe.