Climate Change

How It Will Affect You

What is Climate Change

Climate Change is the gradual heating of the earth. This is caused by the adding of carbon-dioxide and methane, that is released by animals, into to the atmosphere. These two gasses trap the heat energy in the atmosphere. This causes the climate around the world to increase and decrease.

What Causes Climate Change

Climate Change is Caused by the release of Carbon Dioxide and Methane. These gasses are called Greenhouse Gasses. A Greenhouse Gas is a gas that goes into the atmosphere and traps heat that comes from the sun. This causes the temperature to steadily rise around the world.

What Problems Are Causes By Climate Change

Climate Change will have many effects on our lives. The way we live, the way we travel, the foods we eat all of this can change if we don't address this monumental problem. If this problem isn't addressed water levels will rise, animal and plant species will go extinct, and much more could happen.
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As you can see the sea levels can rise anywhere from .2 meters to 2 meters by 2100

What Could You Do To Help

To reduce the effects of climate change you can do many things. First off you can try to start your own garden at home, unplug unused devices, and recycle are just some of the ways you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.