How to,for job interview's

How to get that job

step by step guide to ace your interview

1.reserch the company you are interviewing

it might be a bit different make sure you take notice to things that are interesting just so you don't go in there blind

2. Do a test run the day before

the day of your interview one of the worst things that can happen is that you don't know where to go

3. dress appropriately

DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT go to a job interview in a tracksuit make sure you dress smart the more smart you dress the higher the chance to get the job and also where red a red tie of shirt will make you stand out from the crowed

4. get there on time

the worst thing that an interviewer can see is that you are late it shows that you are unreliable and untrustworthy make sure you are a the place of your interview 15 minuets before the interview open

the way you sit is an impotent way to express your self in a job interview sit on the edge of your seat seem eager at everything they have to say

things you should wear

Be open and happy

questions you should ask

how will you contact me

when you will you contact me

are there any promotions