Christopher Columbus

By: James Scherer

Who is Christopher Columbus

Columbus was the first person to find America well what we call now Bahamas.

Three very important things about Columbus

Spain was very important to him because he grow up there. Another important thing was Bahamas were Christopher first found land. Last his ships because he found all his friends.

Interesting facts

1. When he was growing up he was very smart.

All his life

2. Anywhere Columbus was he was always very mad

Out at sea

3. He had very poor vision going out to sea,it was hard.

How he died

4.Instead of dining of being old he died of pains.

His love

5. He love more gold than his family members. that is why they hated him

One big life lesson

No matter how rich you are to do not i Repeat do not be greed.

Christopher Columbus

Written by Emma Carson