Are you seeing STARS?!

Join us for a QUICKSTART to STAR program this August!


You've heard it before and you'll hear it again - Star Stylist is the sweet spot of the Stella & Dot compensation plan. Why? Because when you are a Star Stylist, you can TRIPLE your income! Think of it this way - as a Stylist with four $1000 trunk shows a month, you're making $1000 in commission. A Star stylist with the same amount of trunk shows will make $3000!!! Interested?! Then read on!
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Your Glam Goldies and Glowing Stones leaders are kicking off an intensive, four week program to help you quick start to Star Stylist by November 30th! What will this program entail?

1. A three week call series focusing on training topics specific to Star Stylists

2. 1:1 coaching calls with your team leaders to hone in on areas in which you want to grow

3. A hand-picked pacing pair/trio to support, encourage and motivate you in August and beyond

4. Invitation to a local leader dinner to network, brainstorm and plot your success

5. TONS and TONS of inspiration and support along the way!

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What will it take from you?

In order to be a part of this exclusive group, we're asking that you:

1. Have a goal of promoting to STAR stylist by 11/30
2. Have AT LEAST 4 IN HOME trunk shows between 8/1-8/31 booked in the Lounge by 7/31
3. Have a plan to use those Trunk Shows to meet 40 NEW customers, prospective stylists AND hostesses.
3. Be following the Trunk Show Planner to make the MOST of your trunk shows to maximize YOUR Dollars Per Hour AND your hostesses hostess rewards.
4. Be following the 3 Simple Steps to make the most of EVERY trunk show so that you can truly use your trunk show as a means to build your team.
5. Have a commitment to participate in this program which will give you the tools to do all of the above!

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So are YOU ready to hold your own pen? If you'd like in, please email Krista Demcher and say so! Then get busy booking up your August! REMEMBER - you need to have at least FOUR in person trunk shows booked in August to gain entry into the group. Keep it simple - make a big list, reach out to warm them up, then follow up to seal the deal! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Your Glam Goldies & Glowing Stones Leaders

Krista Demcher - Senior Director

Heather Krout - Director

Amy Wasilewski - Associate Director

Christy Lee - Star Stylist

Kim Huntington - Star Stylist

Jess Silberzahn - Star Stylist

Denise Talley - Star Stylist

Shannen Siciliano - Star Stylist